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Sharon Thomson

Business Manager, ProofHub

Sharon is the marketing and business manager of, a web-based project management software that helps to plan, coordinate and execute projects, and enables easy communication amongst teams and clients. Sharon also writes blogs related to project management and collaboration.

May 4, 2014
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
7 Essential Project Management Features That Are Missing in Basecamp

Many companies have successfully used Basecamp as a project management solution. However, as companies grow and their needs become more complex, a lack of essential features can make Basecamp a difficult solution to utilize. Here are the 7 essential project management features that Basecamp lacks.

Mar 10, 2014
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
Project Management Software: Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

Someone has rightly said, "first impression is the last impression." Reason being, looks are considered an important deciding factor in the purchasing decision process of a user. An application may offer the best of functionality and features, but this alone cannot guarantee its acceptance among diversified users.

Feb 16, 2014
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
The Significance of Precision and Speed in Design Projects

Design projects are important in the marketability and promotion of a business. This post from Sharon Thomson of ProofHub talks about how to use software to ensure they go smoothly.

Jan 30, 2014
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
Advantages of Using Web-Based Proofing Software for Design Projects

Design projects have to balance aesthetic matters with the need to work within budget and timeline. Doing so is a fundamental element of any successful project. This post from Sharon Thomson of ProofHub explores how proofing software helps maintain that balance.

Jan 26, 2014
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
The Future For Organizations Lies in Project Management Software

Technology is playing a major role in streamlining working in organizations. The various technological tools available in the market are being used to execute organizations’ processes and tasks in a scheduled and organized manner. This article looks at the influence of project management software.

Aug 4, 2013
Sharon Thomson wrote this post:
Benefits of Using a Project Management System

A project management system is a great tool that has been specifically designed for businesses and organizations to manage their tasks more productively and timely. It has the potential to serve any kind of business whether it is small, medium or large sized. The ease of use it offers and the functionality it provides, can help one to carry out his tasks with better planning and documentation.

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