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Project Management Software: Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

Project Management Software: Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

Someone has rightly said, “first impression is the last impression.” Reason being, looks are considered an important deciding factor in the purchasing decision process of a user. An application may offer the best of functionality and features, but this alone cannot guarantee its acceptance among diversified users. Its looks should be such that the users feel an instant connection and enjoy bringing the application to use. Looks of an application should make users fall in love at first sight, and its functionality should make them stay hooked to it for long.

Good looking software isn’t just a trend or a way to disguise functionality. But the truth is that design is of great importance in making software actually usable. An appealing and clean design makes communication of information quick and efficient. Users can access the data they need, when they need it, how they choose with minimal effort.

Project Management Software Tying Form to Function

Going by this norm, a lot of project management software developers nowadays have understood this and are offering the best of functionality with complementing looks, so that the users love every bit of using the tool. Listed below are five popular project management tools which have made managing projects more of fun and less of boredom, on account of their enterprising functionality and pleasing looks.

  1. ProofHub: This online project management and collaboration tool supports a simple, clutter-free design that casts a soothing spell on its users. With its new two-column layout design, users are provided with enough space for proper insertion and viewing of content and images. Its simplified design and enhanced functionality with enterprising features like discussions, to-do’s, Google and DropBox integration, timesheets, Gantt chart, private and real-time messaging, proofing tool, etc. gives a fillip to users’ efficiency.

    To bring the feel and freshness of the upcoming holiday season alive, the application is offering an exciting Christmas-based theme- Snowfall, to users which would keep their festive spirit alive even while working.
  2. Gantter: This web-based project management tool enables effective scheduling of projects and can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the web. The level of completion of tasks and the scheduled start-end date of all assigned tasks can be recorded in a tabular form as well as represented in a graphical form for better clarity and understanding. The tables are neatly arranged with easily identifiable columns, which allows users the ability to effortlessly import-export files and compare scheduled baselines with the actual progress made.

    Tasks are color coded for easy identification and setting different priorities. Project related activities can be conveniently scheduled and adjusted, as and when required. These tables are well structured, easy to view and their easy design makes the whole scheduling experience an easy and convenient one which appeals to users and engages them.
  3. Mavenlink: This online project management application presents a well-designed interface which is properly divided into different slots, wherein, a set of icons and spaces have been provided which makes filing information related to a project very easy. It renders users the freedom to add photographs of team members and different colors to the account which makes working easy and fun-filled. Project templates can be created with ease and files can be attached swiftly through the icons depicting various kind of file attachments.

    It proves to be a great tool for centralizing collaboration, file sharing, tracking progress and team management besides organizing workflow.
  4. Collabative: This web-based project management tool enables easy creation of project templates. The entries related to different individuals, tasks and other project activities can be conveniently filled in and edited. All the information is systematically arranged in eye-catching and bright colored blocks with different backgrounds, which engages users and make it easy to identify an item and fill in the corresponding entries. By merely clicking on the given items, detailed information regarding various activities becomes visible.

    This tool organizes the process of project management and has some great features to offer like tasks, to-do lists, milestones, file management, collaboration, time tracking, calendar and messaging. All in all, its appealing and easy-to-use interface makes it a favorite application among users.

The simple truth is that if your software doesn’t look good, new customers are unlikely to be interested. When faced with a choice between suitable software packages, customers will almost always opt for the option that provides them with the information they want in a way that looks nice. Once you have captured the attention of users, it becomes much easier to then demonstrate the underlying functionality that delivers the work they need. And if that means taking away elements to improve the overall visual appearance, so be it.

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