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Alex Antonatos

Enterprise Consultant,
Expert in Enterprise Software and Technology Consulting

As a business minded IT specialist with over 17 years of experience, He focuses on making a difference and creating value. He holds market certifications such as CCP, ISP, TOGAF and EATI and has been a speaker on topics in conferences around the world.

Jun 24, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Data Proliferation: The Biggest Problem For Corporations

Data is impacted by numerous processes, most of which affect its quality to a certain degree. As data proliferation in the enterprise continues its exponential expansion and the size, complexity, and heterogeneous nature of IT systems environments scales to keep up, data quality and trust become increasingly important. Trusted data initiatives will remain strategic.

Jun 12, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Do We Learn From Our Mistakes?

Often the most difficult and important task that any corporation must perform is to select and implement an all-encompassing architecture methodology. My view on all 4 architecture methodologies mentioned above (Zachman, TOGAF, Gartner and Oracle) offers a sound basis to build your company architecture methodology. The only tip ‘never take it as is always customize it to your corporation's culture’.

Jun 3, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
BPM and SOA are Joined at the Hip: 5 Tips

BPM is a way of building operational solutions. SOA is a thought model that helps decompose complex problems into well-defined and reusable components. BPM ends with a statement of the desired level of automation and SOA begins with the set of services that are available to support the desired automation.

May 20, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Get Rid of the Lengthy COTS Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies permit planners to outline their ideas on paper before implementing them. This can reveal errors in project design before their implementation negatively affects the project. Applying the lessons gained from a feasibility study can significantly lower the project risks.

Apr 25, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Architecture for the Cloud; Tips to Build and Deploy Your Cloud Based Applications

Today’s enterprise cloud initiatives require decoupled data systems working together , without the need for personnel and other resources to set up and maintain them , making integration key to a successful deployment.

Apr 11, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Use Buzzwords Wisely

Essentially, most of the really popular buzzwords ones have become cliché, and therefore make it easy for a customer to spot the sales pitch, and customers do not like to buy sales pitches. They like to buy service and products.

Jan 28, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Methodology For Project Delivery Success

In my career, a methodology is a structured approach for project delivery; in the 1990s we were talking about XP (Extreme Programming) it faded a bit, but has made resurgence lately with agile gaining momentum, and also very popular in those times was prototyping. For seamless project delivery, you'll have to choose the right project development methodology. Here are useful tips for making the right choice.

Jan 6, 2013
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
4 Tips to Manage Know-It-All Personalities

We all want to be better at something, after all self-improvement is necessary to grow as a person, but some people believe we live in a "me" world where everyone’s own opinion is the right opinion. I have met lots of people that will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure their opinion is the right one;Have we really become a society of know-it-all?

Dec 4, 2012
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Build Your Visibility Through Credibility

Consultancy is becoming a popular career choice for many who want to take greater control of their future; being your own boss is an attractive proposition and in today’s economy, where "knowledge is king," there are many individuals who feel that they can make a very good living by selling their particular knowledge specialty.

Oct 14, 2012
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
OUM Differs From The AIM Methodology

At this year’s Oracle Open World, an individual asked, "How does Oracle Unified Method (OUM) differ from Application Implementation Method (AIM) in terms of methodology and deliverables?" We uncover the answer and explain why it matters to your business.

Sep 17, 2012
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
10 Tips For a Successful Enterprise-Wide Project

An enterprise project's success lies in the details, and one wrong move can be disastrous. Below are my tips for executing and managing a successful enterprise-wide project.

Sep 13, 2012
Alex Antonatos wrote this post:
Tips for Enterprise Production Cutover Projects

What is production cutover? Production cutover is the transfer of the Enterprise Project solution from the project team to the business. It starts with the creation of the production instance the phase will close following the first month end transacted on your ERP/CRM (EBS, , Siebel, PSFT, JDE, etc.).

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