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Use Buzzwords Wisely

Use Buzzwords Wisely

Essentially, most of the really popular buzzwords ones have become cliché, and therefore make it easy for a customer to spot the sales pitch, and customers do not like to buy sales pitches. They like to buy service and products.

The verdict, then, is that buzz words are an effective tool, but only when used in moderation. One or two unique, carefully selected phrases can catch a customer’s attention, and help them understand the benefits of the product or service. More than that will start to confuse the information and put the customer on guard. As an employee or consultant you should always work on your value proposition.

Your value proposition is a statement that summarizes on how you are differentiated from your competitors. It should answer the question: “Why should I choose to buy this product or service, and why now?” Here are some tips:

The best value proposition is clear: what is it, for whom and how is it useful? If those questions are answered, you’re on the right path. Always strive for clarity first.

If your value proposition makes people go “oumph?”, you’re doing it wrong. If they have to read a lot of text to understand your offering, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, sufficient amount of information is crucial for conversions, but you need to draw them in with a clear, compelling value proposition first.

What makes a good value proposition:

  1. Clarity! It’s easy to understand.
  2. It communicates the concrete results a customer will get from purchasing and using your products and/or services.
  3. It says how it’s different or better than the competitor’s offer.
  4. It avoids hype (like ‘never seen before amazing miracle product’), superlatives (‘best’) and business jargon (‘value-added interactions’’synergies’).
  5. It can be read and understood in about 10 seconds.

Here is one example i have been offering clients for the last 5 years:

As a consultant, I have put in place multiple Enterprise BI solutions, over the years in implementing these products I developed a product in Excel to help clients analyze and provide options to build or Buy their BI applications.

The Differentiators of my product are:

  1. Customizable to each clients project needs
  2. Fixed cost
  3. Quick turnaround and independent advice
  4. Simple to use
  5. No setup fee
  6. No long-term identification time and material contract required
  7. Money-back guarantee if the product has not provided any value

Since 2007, 110 global clients have purchased the product and satisfied with the results.

I believe that everybody has some kind of talent in them. No matter what it is everyone is able to do something better than some people. Be aware of your talent and make it be readable and understandable in around 10 seconds, why 10 seconds? In 2013 most of us have developed a short attention span main 4 reasons behind this is 1. Internet 2.Texting 3. Portable Music 4. Television

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