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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Astute Solutions ePowerCenter.


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Astute Solutions works with enterprise companies in the fields of retail, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, travel and dining.

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Astute Solutions Insights

- Astute Solutions Insights Astute Solutions Insights parses through customer feedback data to provide you with key business intelligence insights on how to achieve business success. You can use this data to establish KPI, improve your communication channels and hone your campaign messages. Additionally, this program identifies key problems so that you can amend them before they escalate. All of the data is in real-time, meaning that you can view customer reactions immediately after you launch new initiatives.

About Astute Solutions
Since 1995, Astute Solutions has been helping companies fortify their customer relationships. The company’s award winning product line includes CRM, contact center, self-service, knowledge management and IP communications solutions. For the 2012 Super Bowl, Astute Solutions tools were used to monitor and capture social media data on reactions to advertisements.

Astute Solutions Insights Features

  • Takes customer feedback data and turns it into key insights for success
  • Data can be used to improve products, modify promotions and campaigns and identify key problems before they escalate
  • Reveals most common customer requests and complaints
  • Collects data in real-time so that you can get feedback as soon as you launch a new initiative
  • Create data reports that support drill-down examination
  • Sets customer alerts
  • Customer feedback is easily exportable

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