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– Astute Solutions RealDialog Review

Product Snapshot


The platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Astute Solutions works with enterprise companies in the fields of retail, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, travel and dining.

Select Customers

McDonald’s, British Airways, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s, L’oreal

Astute Solutions RealDialog

- Astute Solutions RealDialog Astute Solutions RealDialog is a self-service knowledge management system for you, your customers and your workers that quickly and automatically provides answers, eliminating the need to manually search through scores of pages, documents and data. Using a virtual assistant that is installable on websites, portals and contact center programs, this program takes user-entered questions and provides accurate answers. Astute Solutions RealDialog works 24/7 and helps resolve issues more quickly, enhances customer experiences and reduces routine inbound inquiries.

About Astute Solutions
Since 1995, Astute Solutions has been helping companies fortify their customer relationships. The company’s award winning product line includes CRM, contact center, self-service, knowledge management and IP communications solutions. For the 2012 Super Bowl, Astute Solutions tools were used to monitor and capture social media data on reactions to advertisements.

Astute Solutions RealDialogFeatures

  • Self-service information program that takes questions and provides accurate answers
  • Eliminates the need to parse through pages of data to find answers
  • Works 24/7 automatically
  • Can be installed on web-pages, portals and call center desktops
  • Helps call center agents, store employees, and field agents with customer problem solving
  • Decreases volume of inbound routine questions
  • Advanced natural language processing and ability to engage in human-like dialog

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