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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Aptean Pivotal CRM.


– CDC Marketing Automation Review

Product Snapshot


CDC Marketing Automation is delivered as either a hosted solution or as a licensed software that is implemented behind a firewall.

Customer Focus

CDC Marketing Automation is designed for midsized and enterprise businesses.

Select Customers

Berner Food & Beverage, Hammond Group Inc., Calamos Investments, AAA Western and Central New York, Ahlsell

About CDC Marketing Automation

- CDC Marketing AutomationCDC Marketing Automation, formerly known as CDC MarketFirst, is a robust marketing automation and lead management solution designed to help businesses generate more quality sales leads and carry out even the most complex multi-channel campaigns. With CDC Marketing Automation, sales teams will be empowered with the necessary tools to foster lasting relationships with the right prospects, creating more closed sales and improving customer satisfaction rates. CDC Marketing Automation enables businesses to optimize their marketing processes, helping to improve the sales pipeline and deliver tangible ROI.

About CDC Software
Since its founding in 2002, CDC Software has been delivering complete end-to-end enterprise solutions to empower companies to improve business profitability, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and lead their markets. Known as “the customer-driven company,” CDC Software provides their more than 10,000 customers with solutions that help them optimize every process within their organization, from the factory to the storefront. CDC Software solutions are used by customers operating in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, health care, food and beverage, government, and more.

CDC Software Acquisition History

  • Industri-Matematik International (IMI) (September 2003)
  • Pivotal Corporation (February 2004)
  • Ross Systems, Inc. (August 2004)
  • c360 Solutions (May 2006)
  • JRG Software, Inc. (February 2006)
  • MVI Technology (October 2006)
  • Respond Group Ltd. (February 2007)
  • Saratoga Systems (April 2007)
  • Catalyst International, Inc. (September 2007)
  • Integrated Solutions Limited (March 2008)
  • Truition Inc. (December 2009)
  • gomembers, Inc. (December 2009)
  • PeoplePoint Software Pty Ltd (January 2010)
  • Computility (February 2010)
  • TradeBeam (May 2010)


CDC Marketing Automation Key Features

Campaign Management
Demand Generation

  • Quickly develop multi-part campaigns by reusing campaign templates
  • Automate event registrations, literature fulfillment, and follow-ups
  • Run multiple multi-wave campaigns simultaneously
  • Execute campaigns across multiple channels and languages with one easy set-up
  • Qualify leads by creating targeted questions for prospects
  • Send colder leads into an automated lead-nurturing campaign for follow-up

Email Marketing

  • Map out campaign flows with a graphical workflow designer
  • Automate the timing and delivery of email streams
  • Launch campaigns in multiple waves
  • Create event-triggered email streams
  • Generate campaign workflow templates for reuse


  • Authenticate emails to ensure that they pass ISP authentication and are not sent to the spam folder
  • Normalize and organize bounce codes across ISPs
  • Identify any email rendering problems
  • Monitor blocking and filtering issues after campaign deployment

Social Media Marketing

  • Send marketing announcements to contacts and social networks
  • Identify prospects and take appropriate action to follow up
  • Use social media responses to initiate CRM actions
  • Monitor social media networks for customer or product issues

Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Save and adapt workflows and campaign templates for future use
  • Plan and execute multi-wave and multi-channel campaigns to capture qualified, trackable leads
  • Integrate web forms into a website to capture more leads
  • Launch a single campaign in multiple channels to increase reach
  • Track results from web forms to generate leads

Event Marketing

  • Send automated invitations, reminders, confirmations, surveys, and more
  • Monitor and track registrations and create attendee lists
  • Qualify and distribute leads instantly from the moment of registration
  • Survey registrants before and after the event

Lead Management
Lead Capture

  • Integrate lead qualification questions into campaigns
  • Prompt prospects to self-qualify
  • Instantly score and rank leads with pre-defined criteria
  • Distribute leads based on geography, size, industry, and more
  • Alert sales via SMS or email of prospect web visits for quick follow up

Lead Scoring

  • Create tailored lead-qualification questions that are integrated into campaigns
  • Send hot leads to sales and cold leads to automated nurturing programs
  • Assign leads to the appropriate salesperson
  • Establish regular nurturing communications to send to colder leads

Lead Assignment

  • Ensure no delays or errors by instantly assigning leads to the right salesperson
  • Rank leads using custom criteria

Contact Management
Segmentation and Profiling

  • Profile prospects over time using simple questions at successive intervals
  • Segment using any available data, such as geography, demographics, behavioral data, and more
  • Integrate with other CRM and ERP system databases
  • Segment the audience using sophisticated criteria to send more targeted messages

Sales Force Integration

  • Improve targeting and campaign volume capacity to generate more leads
  • Self-qualify prospects and use agreed upon qualification criteria to deliver only qualified leads to the sales force
  • Deliver ranked and prioritized leads to the sales force
  • Create custom routing rules to instantly deliver leads
  • Integrate with CRM systems to pass leads directly to sales teams

Marketing Resource Management

  • Accurately forecast project completion and reduce bottlenecks with a built-in workflow for review and approval
  • Build visual timelines with a color-coded project calendar
  • Track budgets across multiple perspectives and scenarios
  • Manage marketing collateral distribution and use vendor management tools to control costs
  • Use graphical analytics in multiple formats to measure project effectiveness

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Get an extensive snapshot of critical data
  • Profile customers and prospects with Geographic Information System (GIS) Map Analytics
  • Plan campaigns that target your desired segments

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