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SunView Software ChangeGear Service Desk Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is a web-based change management solution that utilizes Microsoft .NET platform. Cloud or On-Premises – flexible delivery options to meet user needs.

Customer Focus

Built on a foundation of ITIL best practices, ChangeGear provides a modern, powerful, and flexible IT Service Management solution for corporations from industries including Legal, Healthcare, Utilities, and Media, as well as, Federal, State and Local Government Agencies.

Select Customers

Susquehanna, Dallas County Community College District, St Luke’s Hospital, HD Vest Financial Services, Womble Carlyle

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About ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk

SunView Software ChangeGear Service Desk The ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk is a web-based IT Service Management (ITSM) software solution that enables IT organizations to efficiently resolve IT requests and track, manage, and control IT services. ChangeGear includes the seamless integration of key ITSM processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, and Knowledge Management.

ChangeGear automates IT processes and streamlines many of the repetitive tasks required to effectively manage demanding environments. An intuitive user interface and built-in ITIL processes enable IT staff to accelerate response times, resolve incidents more quickly, and restore normal operations – all while minimizing the negative impact on business operations. With ChangeGear, IT support staff can accelerate ticket resolution and achieve 360-degree visibility into IT service support processes.

About the Company

SunView Software, founded in 2003, is revolutionizing the way IT organizations manage IT services across the enterprise. At the core of all this change is a holistic approach to developing solutions that enable the automation of critical IT processes based on the ITIL best practices framework.

SunView’s flagship product, ChangeGear, is an integrated IT service management platform for automating your organization’s IT best practices. This includes solutions for service management, change management, configuration management, self-service management and more. Based on the ITIL best practices framework, SunView’s ChangeGear products automate and streamline IT processes. Sunview customers see the results of having a great solution for automating ITSM processes – greater visibility into their IT infrastructure, improved system uptime, reduced operational costs, improved security and enhanced customer service. Of course, this is all done with the added benefit of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. ChangeGear® was designed to be easy to implement, use and customize. Sunview’s proven solution is already helping hundreds of IT organizations deliver real business value across the enterprise.


ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk Key Features

Business Problems
  • Organization has a first generation ITSM platform (BMC, HP, FrontRange, CA) that are complex to mange, costly to support, and are inflexible. They need to reduce costs and improve flexibility of service desk.
  • Organization has a low IT maturity level and wants to implement IT best practices (ITIL) to improve IT efficiencies. Need a solution to accelerate adoption of ITIL.
  • Organization has existing home grown or commercial help desk system and needs a more robust solution to meet the needs of the business.

Why ChangeGear

  • Easy to Use – intuitive interface makes it easy to learn for staff and end users
  • Simple to Deploy – deploy in days, not months
  • Cost Effective – low total cost of ownership when compared with other enterprise ITSM solutions
  • Seamless Integration – easily integrate with other systems or processes
  • Flexibility – quickly adapt processes to meet your business needs without coding
  • ITIL Alignment – out-of-the-box ITIL workflows for fast ROI
  • Cloud or On-Premises – flexible delivery options to meet your needs


  • Reduce cost and complexity of service desk solution
  • Increase end-user satisfaction
  • Improve ability to meet service level agreements
  • Reduce time-to-resolution for incidents
  • Improve self-service options for end-users
  • Optimize IT with process automation
  • Enhance organizational communications
  • Accelerate adoption of ITIL best practices


ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk Screenshots


ChangeGear Enterprise Service Desk Videos


  • Out-of-the-box configuration is based on ITIL best practices. Companies can customize workflows to meet their specific needs.
  • Increases the efficiency of change processes to reduce overall operating costs.
  • Mobile access makes sure that incidents can be addressed quickly to avoid unscheduled downtime.

ChangeGear Service Desk is designed to help companies track and resolve requests more quickly, as well as manage and control IT services. With the Service Desk Platform, a company will be able to seamlessly integrate all ITIL processes for a more efficient and effective service desk.



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