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Unit4 Coda Financials Review

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Coda Financials is built using Unit4’s Link Architecture, which creates a single financial model with interoperability and a comprehensive framework for control. Coda Cloud Rebel is the cloud version of Coda Financials, and is made to be easier to implement and ease the stress of a company’s IT resources.

Customer Focus

Coda Financials was created for fast-paced, rapidly changing business environments like business services, financial services, transportation and logistics and retail and leisure industries.

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Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Gregory Poole Equipment, IKEA, LIN Media, Maher Terminals

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About Coda Financials

Unit4 Coda Financials Coda Financials is a financial management solution designed to be integrated with a company’s existing applications. Coda provides companies with real-time financial visibility across employees, processes and systems. With Coda Financials, companies can buy or build specialized operational applications and use UNIT4’s award-winning Financials as an accounting plug-in or a financial hub. The Coda Link™ architecture allows companies to easily connect best-of-class applications, of all types, in a federated approach using our web services.

About the Company

Unit4 is a global business software company that offers a broad portfolio of solutions to address different markets, requirements, technologies and types of organizations. Unit4 includes Agresso Business World ERP suite and Coda Financial Management software. Unit4 has operations in 17 European countries and seven countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. Unit4’s business software solutions include ERP, human resource management, financial management, business analytics, consolidation and cash, financial audit cloud solutions and expert software services. Each solutions is made to help companies reduce costs while maximizing the speed of change within companies in the commercial and public sectors.


Coda Financials Key Features


  • Coda Financials is a modern accounting system that can handle diverse and complex enterprise requirements and includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, project accounting and billing.

Spend Management

  • Helps a company establish control and consolidate purchasing activity and positions it to leverage the full buying power of the organization. Spend management features include requisitioning, purchasing, cataloging, receiving and invoice matching.

Consolidation and Cash Management

  • Helps multi-company and international organizations deliver group accounting, statutory reporting, inter-company netting and cash planning.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

  • Coda Financials combines the flexibility of the system with the familiarity of Microsoft Excel to streamline the seeding, preparation, fine-tuning and production of budgets.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Includes BI tools to help users report on, model and analyze the business.

Process and Control Automation

  • Coda Link architecture includes control management framework, tying other systems, manual processes and authorizations into a single, visible and auditable workflow.

Integration and Web Services

  • Provides best-of-class integration between operational applications and financial systems.

Coda Link Architecture

  • The Coda Link architecture uses modern techniques like web services and XML to provide a secure, real-time integration with a company’s operational systems.

Support Platforms and Languages

  • Coda Financials co-exists with other applications without imposing a particular technology and supports multilingual access to a single financial system.


White Papers and Demos

Accounting for Change
White Paper provided by UNIT4
Although the fundamentals of accounting have not changed much over the years, the velocity of business and regulatory change is unprecedented.
Accounting for Change: Finance Technology in the Retail Industry
White Paper provided by UNIT4
This whitepaper will cover trends that affect and challenge the retail industry and highlight how the back office - and particularly finance technology - can help drive success.
Modifying and Maintaining ERP Systems: The High Cost of Business Disruption
White Paper provided by UNIT4
Today's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are challenged to provide the architectural agility necessary to support businesses in a high-change, global environment (e.g., to accommodate merger and acquisition [M&A] activity, new financial or regulatory requirements, organizational restructuring, or new business processes). A recent IDC survey shows that the negative impact of business disruptions attached to ERP modifications is simply too high: a 20.9% decline in stock price, a 14.3% revenue loss due to delayed product launches, and a 16.6% decline in customer satisfaction.


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