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– Dell KACE M300 Review

Product Snapshot


KACE M300 is an on-premise solution with a maximum to manage 200 nodes and 16 GB SSD.

Customer Focus

Dell KACE M300 is made to specifically help small companies with less than 200 employees manage their IT assets.

Select Customers

Benchmark Group, Decarolis Direct, Grey Worldwide, Seaton Corp, ATCO, KN Networks, Tech Soup

  • Starts at $2,498
  • Dell pricing $1,999
  • Also offers a monthly payment option of $50
Acquisition History

KACE was founded in 2003 and acquired by Dell in 2010.

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About Dell KACE M300

- Dell KACE M300KACE M300 is made specifically for small companies with small IT teams. Since it was made to help small IT teams, all the features are designed to reduce duplicative work and automate processes that were done manually in the past. The M300 helps companies make sure all their software is in compliance and will help companies realize when a software agreement is about to end. This allows companies to avoid any penalties for non compliance.

About Dell
KACE was originally founded in 2003 but was acquired by Dell in February of 2010. Since the acquisition, Dell KACE has become a leading provider in system management appliances; offering the K1000, K2000 and M300. The appliance approach to managing desktops, laptops and servers is designed to save companies time and money for system maintenance.

Product Key Features

PC Inventory
  • M300 provides companies with a clear picture of their PC inventory and provides important information about the various components and lifecycle data.
  • The M300 includes hardware inventory, software inventory, patch inventory and agentless device discovery features all designed to provide companies with the information they need while reducing the amount of time it takes to compile all the data.

Software License Management

  • M300 software license management is made to reduce the time it takes a company to make sure that all software licenses are up to date and to make sure they maintain compliance.
  • The M300 interface displays assets that are and aren’t in compliance, helping companies to see what software is really needed.
  • M300 includes true compliance assessment, software version management and software notification tools.
  • All of these tools and features combine to make sure that companies don’t end up paying any fines for violating software licenses.

Dashboards, Reporting and Alerts

  • The M300 dashboard displays all of the important information gathered by the M300 and displays alerts and generates reports to make it easy to track compliance.
  • The reports and alerts generated in the dashboard can alert IT professionals of any possible problems that might arise before they happen, allowing companies to be proactive.
  • Reporting features include compliance status monitoring, required payments calculator and alerting system.


  • Includes tools to make life easier for IT departments in small organizations by reducing redundant work and increasing productivity.
  • The M300 administration is achieved through a web-based interface which can be accessed from any computer or a mobile device that has access to a web browser.
  • With the label management feature, companies can easily group computers or software.
  • Dell KACE M300 is a fully integrated system that can be used right out of the box.

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