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– Epicor Clientele Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution.

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Vendor provides solutions to companies of all sizes in the distribution, manufacturing, retail and services industries.

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Process Technology Inc, C.C. Dickson Company, Service Supply of Victoria, Regency Lighting, Canyon Pipe and Supply Inc

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About Epicor Clientele

- Epicor Clientele Epicor’s Clientele CRM solution enables businesses to drive customer-centric processes and projects from a single source. Modules include sales, support, marketing and self-service—all integrated to ensure customers experience smooth transitions from one to the next.

A holistic solution, Clientele provides functionality with both acquisition and retention in mind, resulting in more customers, more long-term engagement, and higher rates of satisfaction. Epicor’s multi-award-winning Microsoft .NET and Web services-based CRM, with more than two decades of features and solutions, provides a pathway to profitability via optimized customer engagement.

About the Company

Epicor produces cutting edge technology to the distribution, manufacturing, services and retail sectors. From midsized to worldwide, enterprises of all kinds—20,000 customers in over 150 countries—benefit from Epicor’s nearly four decades of experience. Epicor’s expertise in supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, human capital management, point of sale and related facets of commerce mean its clients are ensured increased efficiency and maximized profitability upon deployment.  Businesses demand accountability, and Epicor delivers with innovative solutions for today’s increasingly fast paced global environment.


Epicor Clientele Key Features

  • Increases marketing effectiveness comprehension with robust campaign management tools
  • Includes a highly-capable email marketing application to better engage clients, customers and leads
  • Take control of the pipeline with top-of-the-line Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Improved customer support via Epicor’s comprehensive modules and feature sets
  • Complete, real time information engenders best-outcome case management functionality
  • Stay one step ahead of customer concerns with Clientele’s AnswerBook and self-service portal
  • Measure the effect support is having on business revenue and profitability
  • Flexibility is paramount to usability, and Clientele remains committed to a high level of customization


White Papers and Demos

Strategies for a Successful CRM Implementation
White Paper provided by Epicor
Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes and descriptions are struggling to comply with regulations and manage the risks and penalties of failing to operate within the rules. Establishing, maintaining and proving compliance requires both money and time that executives and shareholders would rather invest in top-line growth.


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