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Foresite SPA Review

Product Snapshot


Prices are dependent on size and complexity of business.


Foresite SPA is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Foresite is aimed at medium-sized B2B companies.

Selected Customers

Contact vendor directly for case studies.

About Foresite SPA

Foresite SPA Foresite Sales Performance Application (SPA) is a cloud-based sales tool that can also work alongside any sales management and SOP systems to provide sales analytics. To start, you can use the software’s growth index to calculate your sales forecast, targets and trajectories to improve your sales efforts and growth.

Should your sales efforts begin to falter, Foresite SPA can help you analyze your sales leads and competitors by providing feedback and a road map to improve your sales performance. From there, the software provides scenario planning to assist you with making informed decisions in the forecasting process, in collaboration with the operations team. Lastly, the sales performance analytics provides you with insights that include process performance, sales churn analysis, conversion rates, customer activity, lead attrition and risk analysis.

About the Company
Foresite SPA was founded in 2004 and is based in the UK.

Foresite SPA Key Features

  • Manages sales opportunities, processes and performance, combined with market and competitor data within one integrated solution
  • Easy to implement
  • Management of sales pipeline, commercial intelligence and performance analytics in cloud-based system
  • Create forecasts, targets and scenario plans incorporating clear delivery ‘road maps’
  • Standalone or linked with an existing CRM/SOP systems
  • On-demand monitoring of sales trajectory vs target, including active sales, back orders and sales pipeline
  • G-Index provides visibility over every sales input and their contribution or hindrance to your sales development
  • Mobile app Foresite Lite provides on-the-go access to the SPA database


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