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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Ivanti HEAT IT Service Management.


– GoldMine CRM Review

Product Snapshot


GoldMine CRM is delivered as an on-premise solution and is built on a Microsoft Windows program.

Customer Focus

FrontRange GoldMine CRM is designed for small, midsize and enterprise companies that operate in a variety of industries.

Select Customers

Advanstar Communications, Chicago White Sox, Colonial Saw, COSCO, First American Equipment Finance, Instron Corporation, LeylandAlliance LLC, American Railcar Industries, Bayshore Home Health

Customer Success Stories

Advanstar Communications, Chicago White Sox, Bayshore Home Health, COSCO

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About GoldMine CRM

- GoldMine CRMGoldMine CRM software is a complete customer relationship management solution built with comprehensive sales automation, marketing automation and contact management features. GoldMine CRM is delivered in multiple editions to meet the needs of each unique organization. The solution is built with innovative technology and industry best practices to help businesses increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer interactions from end to end.

About FrontRange Solutions
FrontRange Solutions helps organizations achieve better business results with software that delivers enterprise-class capabilities, rapid ROI, and ease of use. FrontRange serves more than 13,000 customers in over 45 countries and 80 verticals. Their product portfolio of affordable, robust solutions cover Customer Service Management, IT Asset Management, and IT Service Management. FrontRange products facilitate IT and services transformation to improve external and internal client interactions.

GoldMine CRM Key Features

Relationship Management

  • Manage relationships based on household, account, distributors, or other user-defined categories
  • Store information in a single, centralized repository
  • Integrate with finance and accounting departments, third-party data silos, back-end ERP, and more
  • Gain a complete view of customers and relationship data
  • Gather data from multiple sources

Opportunity Management

  • Provide real-time visibility into sales activities, such as revenue and product and service processes
  • Maintain sales cycle consistency with a built-in Sales Methodology
  • Manage all information related to sales opportunities with a simple interface

Forecast Management

  • Improve sales predictions and pipeline management with extensive forecasting tools
  • View, analyze, and manage forecast data with forecast dashboards


  • Automate manual processes and reduce errors with quoting tools
  • Get consistent information about products, pricing, cross-selling promotions, and customers
  • Manage exceptions and standardize quotes using flexible approval processes

Campaign Management

  • Better predict and quantify campaign success and return on investment by creating test campaigns
  • Adjust campaigns as needed using real-time information

Lead Management

  • Use configurable business rules to send leads to the appropriate person
  • Manage leads in real time
  • Improve lead analysis using business logic

Customer Support

  • Use email, phone, Web, and other access points to deliver real-time, consistent answers to customers
  • View complete customer case history complete with information gathered from across the organization
  • Streamline service and improve productivity by using customer support best practices


  • Customize dashboards to meet unique requirements
  • Increase the amount of captured opportunities using real-time data

Analytics and Reporting

  • Easily configure reports without any programming
  • Leverage a central reporting tool to ensure consistency in reporting throughout the entire organization


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