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Purchase Cloud Hosted CRM solution: flexible billing options, with low monthly per usage fees. Purchase On-Premise solution: Own licensing, with your IT team managing the solution, lower cost of ownership.

Customer Focus

Sage SalesLogix is a powerful and secure CRM solution that offers a complete view of customer interactions across your departments and teams – providing you with information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting. Get the tools you need to increase sales, reach more profitable customers, and enhance the customer experience you provide.

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Legoland California, Mortgage Lenders of America, BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Aspyra, Inc., CORE Realty Holdings, LLC., Sandals Resorts

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Sandals Resorts

About Sage SalesLogix

- Sage SalesLogixSage SalesLogix is an award-winning CRM solution that provides a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, and customer service/support teams so they can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgably to customer inquiries and sales opportunities. Provides teams with the tools they need for obtaining information and insights for better planning, managing and forecasting. Sage SalesLogix provides robust functionality out of the box, and your team can ramp up quickly with the intuitive user interface and time-saving features.

About Sage North America
Sage North America is the North American company of UK-based The Sage Group plc, the leading global supplier of business management software and services. For 40 years, Sage North America has delivered easy-to-use, scalable, and customizable software for accounting, customer relationship management, human resources, merchant services, time tracking, and the specialized needs of the construction, distribution, manufacturing, nonprofit, and real estate industries.

Sage North American’s parent company, The Sage Group plc., reaches a global client base numbering more than 6 million SMB customer worldwide. It serves these businesses through more than 12,300 employees in operations in North America, the UK, France, Germany, India, Ireland, the Middle East, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Sage SalesLogix Key Features

Sales Force Automation Software
  • Analyze your sales pipeline, forecast revenue, and make informed business decisions with real-time reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence tools
  • Manage key opportunity data in one consolidated place
  • Track probability of close, products, lead source, status and competitors
  • Segment opportunities by account manager, region, or probability of close using sales software functionality
  • Routes “hot” leads to sales reps right away
  • Customize sales processes based on your product line, deal size, territory, or lead type
  • Manage sales team effectively, streamline day-to-day activities


  • Develop targeted, multi-channel campaigns with marketing CRM software
  • Effectively oversee your lead management process
  • Create, track, and manage dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Successfully attract and nurture customers with e-marketing
  • Gain marketing insights needed to make informed decisions

Customer Service & Support

  • View customer interactions and resolve customer issues quickly
  • Gain insight into team performance
  • Manage tickets and service contracts effectively
  • Track and manage defects and returns
  • Provide customers with convenient self-service options

Reporting & Analysis

  • Increase business and customer intelligence through OLAP, Data Mining, and Predictive Analysis
  • Manage data effectively with Reporting and List Management capabilities
  • Assess performance and enable discovery using Interactive Analysis tools
  • Gain strategic business insights with Business Intelligence solutions


  • Create, view and edit key customer information including Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Tickets.
  • View and schedule Activities, record important Notes, and access detailed History records.
  • Manage meeting schedules, personal activities, phone calls and to-dos.
  • Log email and phone interactions to customer history.
  • Configure to match user preferences and work styles, work online or offline, and receive updates automatically.

Application Integration

  • Gain customer insight and increase productivity across your organization by providing a complete view of customer interactions, eliminating duplicate entry, ensuring clean and consistent data and reducing inter-departmental inquiries.
  • Integrate Sage SalesLogix with critical business management applications such as ERP, accounting, industry-specific solutions, manufacturing, HR and more.
  • View and share data in real-time such as invoices, pricing and order information, credit status, payments and returns. Information entered in another system can be viewed instantly from within Sage SalesLogix.
  • Grow your business and provide an exceptional customer experience by enabling employees to quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, locate pricing and availability of products, generate accurate quotes and proposals and assist customers with order and shipment status.

Sage SalesLogix Screenshots

  • Power and versatile software application
  • Interface is a model of usability, built on a framework that is completely scalable, extensible, and customizable
  • Easy to use, very similar to ACT!, same structure, can create customized views
  • Quickly and easily import data from ACT!, Goldmine, or text-delimited formats
  • Easy to manage leads, generate quotes, track competition, and determine what strategies to employ
  • Multi-client customization environment similar to both mobile and web with single architectural tool and common icons
  • Not ready to go when purchased
  • Pricier and requires more planning than other similar programs

Superior mix of function and form, but it can be pricier than other programs. SalesLogix focuses on making it easier for mobile user to access and update CRM data, which can increase use productivity and have an impact on areas such as sales cycle times.

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