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– TimeLink Enterprise Edition Review

Product Snapshot


TimeLink Enterprise Edition is a traditional on-premise solution with open web functionality. TimeLink offers a comparable solution called TimeLink OnDemand Edition for businesses seeking a SaaS deployment.

Customer Focus

TimeLink solutions are flexible and appeal to mid- to enterprise-sized organizations in a broad range of sectors, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, retail and services.

Select Customers

Hertz, Daimler, Kimberly-Clark, British Airways, Hong Kong Disneyland, State of Alaska, Harley-Davidson, J. Crew, Georgia-Pacific

TimeLink Enterprise Edition

- TimeLink Enterprise EditionTimeLink Enterprise Edition comprises a suite of workforce management solutions. These modules—TimeLink Time and Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, Absence Management, Labor Planning, Workforce Center (Employee Self-Service), and Analytics—are designed to increase productivity, reduce compliance risk, enhance efficiency and improve cost management. This workforce management software helps businesses plan, manage and engage their workforce.

TimeLink Enterprise Edition features an industry-leading business rules engine that automates previously complex work and pay rules; an intuitive, AJAX-powered web application to provide easy access; a full integration platform and web services API; and an open data collection architecture that affords integration with a variety of data collection technologies.

About TimeLink
TimeLink is headquartered in Purchase, N.Y., and operates offices in Dallas, Texas, and Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1986, TimeLink specializes in enterprise workforce management software and data collection hardware. Its products—deployed in on-premise and SaaS formats—are designed to streamline day-to-day business processes. TimeLink is privately held, and maintains strategic relationships with Oracle, SAP, and Lawson.

TimeLink Enterprise Edition Key Features

Time and Attendance
  • Powerful workforce rules engine to address and automate the complex pay and work rules including: US Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA), State, Provincial and corporate labor laws
  • Exception-based management with simple one-click resolutions
  • Disciplinary tracking to ensure adherence to corporate policies
  • Supports a variety of data collection technologies

Workforce Scheduling

  • Powerful and extensible scheduling engine to create optimized work plans to expected workload
  • Schedule optimization to ensure the right employees are staffed in the right positions
  • Exception-based schedule management to help in managing employee schedules
  • Supports business process for shift auctions and overtime equalization
  • Employee preference and availability screens
  • Ability to adjust schedules in real-time to fill gaps

Absence Management

  • Powerful accruals rules engine to track benefit time grants and takes
  • Facilitates the automation of the leave request process through workflow
  • Comprehensive support for FMLA that includes case assistant, alerts/notifications, automated case document creation and much more
  • Review projected accruals, balances, thresholds, trending calendars and team calendars

Labor Planning

  • Easy-to-use budget and forecasting tool
  • Determines capacity using labor standards
  • Allows cost analysis by budgeting to plan, person or time
  • Template or forecast-based planning

Workforce Center

  • Intuitive user interface is easily adopted by workforce
  • Provides a platform for connecting your workforce into your business process
  • Individually customizable e-mail preferences
  • Provides visibility into work schedules to view when and where they are needed
  • Robust and customizable dashboards centralize important information
  • Allows employees to bid on open shifts
  • Employees can enter leave requests and view request status


  • Actionable dashboards with modern user-interface
  • Custom portal information with a configurable layout- complete with key performance indicators
  • Over 200 standard reports that can be generated via a standard web browser
  • Ad Hoc reporting through an easy-to-use wizard
  • Schedule reports for timely and reoccurring information

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