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Hello, I am looking to use a CRM for our Hair transplant clinic. We have 3 staff who would use the program to follow up leads and set future tasks. WE would like a simple CRM to use as we also use Meddbase for our patient files.Kind regards Trisha

– ThinkSmart Marketing Database

ThinkSmart Marketing Database is a marketing and contact management software solution that grants access to a contact database built on multiple sources of online information. Users can search for contacts through a number of different criteria and receive insights into contacts’ purchasing trends.


Omnistar is contact management software and affiliate marketing software designed to integrate into the user’s website, works to attract new customers through recommendations, and enables users to create affiliate programs to support marketing strategies. The platform is equipped with built-in marketing tools such as social share widgets that enable customers to share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.


Ecquire is contact management software that allows users to send prospects and messages to existing CRM systems via Gmail and company social networks. The platform is designed to incorporate existing contact information and autodetects pre-existing contacts in order to protect against duplicate contact entry.

CircleBack ScanBizCards Enterprise

ScanBizCards Enterprise is contact management software geared towards supporting sales cycles and facilitating the incorporation of contact information within the user’s Salesforce CRM system. The platform offers unlimited data customization options in order to create a system specifically designed to support user- or company-specific workflows and processes, provides full admin control over lead flow, and enables users to create and add new contacts through a high quality business card scanning tool.

NC Squared Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine is Salesforce lead routing and management software that works within the user’s Salesforce system and provides users with a variety of tools and functionalities. The platform is equipped with monitoring and analytics tools, a round robin lead distribution system, and allows users to weight assignments in order to adjust lead volumes when assigning leads to sales team members based on skill sets, knowledge bases, experience levels or preferred territories.


Introhive is a business intelligence software solution that uses relationship intelligence with CRM and data automation to enhance sales acceleration. The platform features an automatic activity and contact sync. It recognizes activities that have not yet been logged in a company’s CRM and provides ways to record the activities.

SpearFysh Sales

SpearFysh Sales is a sales automation software solution that reviews all customer interactions and turns them into sales intelligence. Every time a sales rep calls a customer, the conversation is logged into the program and indexed against key sales performance indicators and sales initiatives.

– DiscoverOrg for Salesforce

DiscoverOrg for Salesforce integrates with your Salesforce account to provide you with leads and records from the DiscoverOrg database. All you need to do is search for a contact,

– DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts

DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts helps you determine company hierarchies so you know which person to contact for sales and inquiries. The program lists all people in a company and visually arranges