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– BigMachines Unplugged

BigMachines Unplugged is an offline version of BigMachines that is designed to be used in conjunction with the primary online version of the software. Users download current data and rules from the central database server before going offline, and then upload any offline activity when Internet connectivity returns.

– BigMachines Sales Engine

BigMachines Sales Engine is a cloud-based product that helps sales associates increase efficiency and accuracy in tasks such as configuring orders, matching products and services to clients, and generating accurate quotes.

– BigMachines Admin Platform

BigMachines Admin Platform enables a company’s administrators to personalize and manage BigMachines software. Administrators use the Admin Wizard to organize the company’s products and services, write selling rules, and manage workflow processes.

– BigMachines B2B eCommerce Engine

BigMachines B2B eCommerce Engine is a cloud-based, self-service selling platform that allows business customers to purchase a company’s products and services directly from its website.

– BigMachines Document Engine

BigMachines Document Engine allows sales teams to generate personalized proposals and quotes that include company branding. Content libraries allow content to be reused across multiple documents.

Real Estate Contact Management Software

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iQuoteXpress is a web-based SaaS application, which enables businesses to automate their sales estimating process using the latest internet technology. Sales personnel is able to easily and quickly generate sales proposals which are more detailed, accurate and include product marketing information.

Cloud Based Lead Management Software

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Collabspot Connect for Gmail

Collabspot Connect for Gmail is a productivity extension for CRM and Gmail users. It offers a solution to the problem of CRM adoption that’s experienced by marketing and sales professionals riding the latest web technologies.

CollabSpot Insights: 37Signals Highrise for Gmail – Getting Started

Here’s a video to help you get started in using CollabSpot Insights, a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage Highrise contacts, notes, and deals in Gmail. It’s an indispensable tool for people using Highrise, Gmail, and Google Chrome.