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Contact Management Software Solutions

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Commence CRM

Commence CRM offers a robust suite of applications for managing accounts, contacts, sales, marketing, customer service and projects. The product is targeted at companies that need more than what traditional cookie-cutter CRM solutions provide, but without the cost and complexity of enterprise level products.

– Discourse CRM

Discourse CRM is a workspace creation solution that helps users manage client interaction by automating tasks, such as sales pipeline, reporting, and timesheets.

Best CRM Solution For Sale of Heating Equipment

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Best Predictive Dialer for Work-at-Home Reps

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Mobile Business Apps: Savi People Review

Savi People is a contact management app for iOS that not only helps you keep better track of your contacts, but also has extensive social networking integration. Read our review here.

Mark Canes talks about Blue Link

Mark Canes, Blue Link President talks about how Blue Link makes a difference for distributors

LeadMaster – Lead Management & Salesforce CRM Solution

This is an overview of the LeadMaster web-based SalesForce CRM system.

Marketo Customer Testimonial

In this Marketo customer testimonial, itslearning’s Marketing Manager, Kristine Lango discusses the difficulties before Marketo, increased sales and marketing collaboration as well as overall efficiencies, and the benefits of managing demand generation campaigns with one unified solution.

Successful Funnel, Successful Sales Reps

Creating a high-performance sales team that consistently exceeds expectations isn’t science fiction.