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I am looking for a real estate contact management system that is is easy to learn but has a lot to offer…any suggestions

I am looking for a real estate contact management system that is is easy to learn but has a lot […]

– Sage ACT!

Sage ACT! includes subscription-based sales and marketing services that are designed to help companies create profitable relationships that will lead to business growth.

how hard would it be to migrate info from Goldmine to maximizer?

Empower Your Sales Team with Stride’s Deal Management

Stride is not your everyday CRM system: rather than doing contact management, the company provides a software solution for deal management, allowing salespeople to more effectively focus on revenue-generating opportunities rather than mindlessly entering contact information. Co-founder Andrew Dumont joined us for a discussion on what sets Stride apart in the increasingly crowded CRM space.

– Apptegic

Apptegic is web-based sales automation and contact management software that helps you drive up your customer retention rate.

– DNA-Agile DNAconnex

DNAconnex is equipped with a number of tools to help you maximize your customer and supplier relationships, including dashboards that track tasks and satisfaction levels.

Software for Small Sales Force

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Sales Flow Technologies is a Customer Lifecycle Management software that is designed to manage client communications in a method aimed at producing maximum sales, loyalty and value. The platform allows users to view what, when, how and by whom an action should be performed, and then provides the appropriate method of how it should be performed, improving cross marketing and future re-purchase and/or upgrades.

Leads Software for Caregiving Industry

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– BigMachines Channel Sales Engine

BigMachines Channel Sales Engine is a cloud-based product designed to help distributors, value-added resellers, and channel partners sell a company’s product with ease by providing online product catalogs, product configuration, accurate quote and pricing information, and guided selling.