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Cornerstone OnDemand Performance Cloud

Cornerstone OnDemand Performance Cloud is a performance management software that matches individual goals with company objectives, ranking employee performance and enabling recognition. The platform allows users to track goals, performance appraisals and social reviews. HRweb

HRweb is workforce management software that automates HR processes for the entire company and is accessible from anywhere in the world. The platform allows users to effectively track and evaluate the behavior, performance and activities of their employees.

– Recognition PRO

Recognition PRO™ is a cloud-based HR solution that efficiently and effectively helps managers become better at motivating and recognizing their employees, leading to greater employee engagement.

– ECI Empower

Empower is human capital management software that updates information in real-time, provides users with a paperless HCM environment and automates repetitive workflows. The platform is designed with an intuitive interface, facilitates interdepartmental communications, and is designed to integrate within existing company systems.


WHIZTEC HCM is human capital management software that provides companies with paperless workforce, compensation and talent management tools. The platform is equipped with extensive business process automation tools, and integrates employee administration, document management, and leave and travel management functionalities.

– Vana Workforce HCM Software

Vana Workforce HCM Software enables you to manage your workforce from recruitment to retirement.

– Unrabble HR Software

Unrabble HR Software is a hiring system designed for users who do not have a background in HR.

– SimpleHRM

SimpleHRM is an open source human resource management software that enables users to manage employee information, leave, travel, benefits and expense management. The platform is equipped with workforce statistic reporting and analysis tools, centralizes all employee data and tracking, and provides HR managers with a paperless environment.

– Octopus HR

Octopus HR is human resources software that provides modules that assist with recruitment, payroll, employee performance, expenses, timesheet management and training activities. The platform is equipped with a self-service hub, an employee directory searchable by name, department, team and job title, and enables users to create and maintain a ‘leavers’ directory’ for future reference purposes.

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