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BiznusSoft HR

BiznusSoft HR is human capital management software that encompasses talent management, HR operations and organization management functionalities. The platform provides users with time and expense, employee benefits and absence management tools, as well as goal and employee performance management tools.

– Revolution HCM

Revolution HCM is the SaaS-based HRIS with the power and price-point designed for small to medium-sized organizations (between 50 – 2000 employees). Revolution HCM brings together all of your important, commonly needed, management-critical employee data in one place. Everything employers need to manage and grow their human capital, accessible in one database, from multiple devices, with a single log-in.

EmpXtrack Human Capital Management

EmpXtrack Human Capital Management is HCM software that focuses on data consolidation, process streamlining, seamless integration, workload dissemination, time management automation and manager support. The platform provides users with a centralized employee database, repetitive task automation engines and allows employees to maintain personal information such as address, life-events and qualifications.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a HCM software solution that provides functionality for a number of HR needs. For daily routine tasks, the program can route employee requests to HR staff for approval, offer self-service administrative terminals and track all workers’ time and attendance.

How Global Business Benefits From HRMS Software

As of late, the benefits of switching to a more unified global HRMS platform have been considered and discussed among a myriad of organizations. What are the primary strong points of HRMS software to global businesses? David Rietsema, founder of HR Payroll Systems, shares his viewpoint on the four main strengths an HRMS solution can lend to a contemporary multinational enterprise in this exclusive blog post.

Insperity Workforce Administration

Insperity Workforce Administration is payroll and human capital management software designed to integrate business functions into a single, centralized system and automates procedures. The platform provides users with a single data-entry point in order to ensure all data is organized, is an integrated HR and payroll system that ensures all records stay in sync, and offers a mobile app that enables users to access the system and update information from any location.

– FinancialForce HCM HCM is a human capital management solution that enables users to manage their workforce from recruitment to retirement.


BambooHR is a robust HR software solution that can handle the needs of most companies, regardless of industry or size. With the product, users can manage and track time off, automate time off requests, set accrual policies and easily generate reports.

Infor Infinium HCM

Infor Infinium HCM is a suite designed specifically for IBM Systems to handle human capital management processes including payroll, human resources management and benefits management. Infinium provides a single location to manage all employee information that the employees themselves can control, allowing more complete information about the workforce.

Infor SmartStream HCM

Infor SmartStream HCM improves human resource management processes through top payroll solutions, benefits management and employee performance management. SmartStream HCM streamlines employee information and provides intuitive management of payroll and benefit cost information.