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BankersLab CreditLab

CreditLab is a simulation-based training software designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of retail credit risk management concepts. The platform allows users to cover both secured and unsecured retail products and train participants on all parts of the credit life cycle.

Manage With Success

Manage With Success is HR software that is designed to help manage a business and its profitable growth. The platform allows users to keep track of company’s critical administrative processes by consolidating a company’s administrative processes into a single system.

Conrep PSA

Conrep PSA (professional services automation) is a single-system software for managing HR, accounting and projects. The platform allows users to scout for new talent, parse through resumes, create job postings, track employee information and handle timesheets and payroll.

Conrep Human Resource Management

Conrep Human Resource Management is comprehensive HR software that securely manages all employee information for authorized users. The platform allows users to digitally track employee documents, contracts and the like and attach notes to them for organizational purposes.

4 Tips to Manage Know-It-All Personalities

We all want to be better at something, after all self-improvement is necessary to grow as a person, but some people believe we live in a “me” world where everyone’s own opinion is the right opinion. I have met lots of people that will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure their opinion is the right one;Have we really become a society of know-it-all?

– Navicus Employment Screening

Navicus Employment Screening is a single-software solution for all your hiring needs, giving HR users the tools they need to evaluate employee behavior trends and work skills, administer drug and alcohol testing, and handle I-9 forms.

PeopleStrategy eHCM

PeopleStrategy eHCM is end-to-end human capital management software that enables users to automate multiple processes such as talent acquisition, workforce management, core HR operations, benefits administration, payroll processes, and performance management. The platform assists users with finding, assessing and hiring new employees, is equipped with I-9 management and E-Verify transition tools, and provides users with built-in tax management capabilities.

– Lumesse TalentLink

When it comes to acquiring new talent, Lumesse TalentLink provides you with recruitment tools that allow you reach the best of the best. Easily configurable and hosted on Web 2.0 technology, TalentLink speeds up the hiring process.

Ascentis HR Software

Ascentis HR software is a robust web-based HR tool that can help users keep track of employees from hire to retirement. The platform makes HR tasks simpler by automating a number of them, such as recruiting, handling time sheets, maintaining compliance with federal standards, and managing benefits.