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Mobisy Technologies Bizom

Bizom is a mobile-first, SaaS-based sales force automation solution that helps companies increase sales, increase channel performance, increase manpower and efficiency, and decrease sale returns. The platform leverages automation and data to help consumer brands optimize downstream supply and increase sales, and provides companies with multiple modules including sales force automation (SFA), distributor management system (DMS), and retail execution and management.

SFA vs CRM Software: How Do the Two Platforms Match Up?

The time has come to make a decision: sales force automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM). See how the two match up in this head-to-head of SFA vs CRM.

– GroupSoft Systems GS/SalesDesk

GroupSoft Systems GS/SalesDesk is a sales force automation software solution that works inside IBM Lotus Notes to maintain all sales opportunities. Users start out by creating customer accounts and uploading sales and marketing materials. The program can then distribute these materials to prospects, set up action items and monitor all progress towards closing deals.

3 Specialized Software Companies at Dreamforce Challenging the Status Quo

Dreamforce marks a gathering of many of the most innovative companies in the industry. We look at 3 specialized software companies at Dreamforce who are making waves.

– Scout Analytics Scout Suite

Scout Analytics Scout Suite is a full platform that ties together all sales, service, product, finance and marketing operations. At the start of the sales cycle, the program takes a look at all opportunities and highlights the most profitable ones.


Salesvue is sales automation and marketing software that is 100% native to Salesforce and utilizes the Math of Sales process. The platform provides users with configurable Plans for automating processes or activities, Consoles for establishing a centralized purpose-built interface, and analytic tools for assessing sales team and marketing execution health, identifies weaknesses and strengths, and outlines actionable steps for improvements.

Tradepoint CRM

Tradepoint CRM works throughout the entire customer relationship cycle to help users manage all of their customer data across their entire website, e-mail, and accounting systems. For starters, the program handles all open opportunities, notes, logs, contact data, and e-mails.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is the world’s number one sales application. This solution stores and manages the vital information sales teams need to better connect with customers.

excel vs. access

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