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Brand24 is social monitoring software that provides users with access to online mentions and social insights. The platform calculates influence scores for every discussion participant, is equipped with a company mentions feed, and provides users with a visual discussion volume chart to indicate changes in discussion volume and reach.

– Plumlytics

Plumlytics is a social marketing monitoring software solution that helps you zero in on conversations on social media that matter most to your brand at any given moment and in real-time.

5 Vendors Who Put the “Social” in Social Engagement Software

Socially driven solutions enable you to connect more directly with customers, keep up to date with important contacts and provide deep analytics for your most motivated employees. Read on to learn about 5 vendors who are putting the “social” in social engagement tools.

– Lithium Technologies Social Media Analytics

Lithium Technologies Social Media Analytics is a social media monitoring software solution that provides customer service insights across all social media channels. The program is designed to watch how social media agents resolve customer service issues. For instance, users can track each agent’s performance, pull up trends on overall performance and compare service ability against industry KPIs.

Perfecting Your Platform Prowess: Why Social Media Monitoring Matters

Gauging real-time reactions and getting a pulse on conversation trends is a key benefit to monitoring social media conversations. With the right social media monitoring tool, your brand can gain deeper insight to create better social marketing campaigns with greater ROI.

BigDoor Loyalty Campaign

BigDoor Loyalty Campaign is loyalty campaign software that utilizes non dollar-backed programs instead of spend-and-get programs, and provides users with a system that allows companies to reward customers for engagement activities, friend referrals, content consumption and advocating the brand. The platform delivers ROI analysis on registration, engagement and retention, as well as proprietary cohort analysis and robust analytics dashboards.

– Piqora Pinterest Analytics

Piqora Pinterest Analytics is a social media monitoring software solution that tracks over 1000 brands across the Pinterest platform. As users log into the program, they can see how many repins, likes, followers and comments they have in relation to competitors. If users spend money on a Pinterest campaign, they can track its ROI by seeing the reach of campaign content and what types of content are most effective and viral.

– Vocus Advanced PR

Vocus Advanced PR is a social media marketing software solution that connects users to key influencers, online journalists and brand advocates. As people talk about a company’s brand, the program points out to users the ones who have the largest social media followings and can pull up these people’s contact details from an online database.

– Vocus Marketing Software

Vocus Marketing Software is a social media marketing software solution that helps users identify quality leads on social media channels. The program goes across millions of social media conversations to find buying signals from potential prospects and displays what types of content followers enjoy the most. As users roll out social media campaigns, the system can take down prospects’ contact information via landing page forms and create social CRM profiles for them.

– Argyle Social

Argyle Social is a social media monitoring and marketing software solution that combines social, marketing and sales data to identify prime prospects and customers. The program takes this data aggregate and highlights people who have been active on a company’s social media channels.