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Envision Click2Coach

Click2Coach is a customer service and learning management software solution that uses customer data to improve agent performance. The program automatically scans through all agents’ interactions with customers and generates performance scores that are based on call quality, customer survey results and speech analytics.

Envision Call & Screen Recording

Envision Call & Screen Recording is call center and CRM software that records all calls and agent screens, as well as stores all call and screen records within the system for as long as the user requires. The platform is designed to enable users to locate recorded calls and interactions for future use or reference, can be set up for 100% call recording, quality control selective call recording, or on-demand call recording, and can be implemented at a single site, multiple geographically distributed sites or in agents work-from-home sites.

– Envision eLearning

Envision eLearning is a learning management system designed for use by call centers. It allows supervisors to easily create and deliver personalized training videos directly to agents’ workstations, reducing the costs associated with training and improving operational efficiency.

Envision Quality Monitoring

Envision Quality Monitoring is call center and agent assistance quality monitoring software that identifies the KPIs that best describe the ideal customer journey, as well as evaluates how well agent interactions match up against those KPIs. The platform enables users to improve agent and operational performance, motivate and retain emloyees by identifying ideal agent performances and practices, and takes into account the agent’s tone, ability, application workflow and accuracy.

– Envision Centricity

Envision Centricity is a workforce optimization suite for call centers with customizable tools, an intuitive console, and modules for training and quality monitoring, scheduling, and analytics. Envision Centricity offers the ability to analyze workforce data at the agent, center, and enterprise levels.