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How j2 Global’s Cloud Apps Help Small Businesses Run Better

j2 Global is an organization that’s all about being able to help small businesses be more productive, focusing on mobile apps in particular to deliver on that promise.

j2 Global FuseMail

FuseMail, from j2 Global, offers secure, archived email with 100% uptime. The service is ideal for compliance with discovery requests and businesses who need virus-free, encrypted email that never goes down. The platform offers its own web-based email client, as well as a hosted Microsoft Exchange service.

j2 Global eVoice

eVoice is an automated phone answering and routing system (virtual phone system). The platform will answer calls with a professional recording, and then redirect those calls to the appropriate telephone number whether that be a cell phone, an office phone, or voicemail.

j2 Global Onebox

Onebox is an all-in-one virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The service offers a virtual receptionist, employee and department directory, and call routing. A unified inbox is provided to store voicemail, emails, and faxes.

j2 Global eFax

eFax by j2 Global sends and receives faxes without the use of a dedicated fax machine. Because faxing using eFax is an entirely digital process, subscribers can save on paper, ink, and of course the fax machine itself.

j2 Global KeepItSafe

KeepItSafe is an automated remote backup system for workstations and servers. The platform is offered in two distinct flavors—one appropriate for small to midsize businesses, and the other for enterprises with multiple data centers. All KeepItSafe plans are certified to ISO standards.

j2 Global Campaigner

j2 Global Campaigner is an email marketing solution that provides businesses with a way to build and send personalized email communications to subscribers.