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j2 Global Onebox Review

Product Snapshot


j2 Global Onebox is billed month-to-month. View pricing details here.


This software is offered as a software-as-a-service solution.

Customer Focus

The software works for individual (SOHO) to midsize businesses (Enterprise pricing is available).

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About Onebox

j2 Global Onebox j2 Global’s Onebox is an all-in-one virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The service offers a virtual receptionist, employee and department directory, and call routing. A unified inbox is provided to store voicemail, emails, and faxes.

The biggest selling point of Onebox is that it acts as a unified communications system, replacing electronic fax and conferencing services. With its executive plan, Onebox offers a streamlined system that routes calls to whichever phone the subscriber happens to be using: cell, office, or home. Rather than reaching the Onebox subscriber directly, calls are answered by an automated receptionist. Subscribers can hire a live receptionist service for a more professional greeting. Call screening announces the caller, enabling the subscriber to ignore unwanted calls. For an additional fee, an employee directory and extensions can be added. Enterprise pricing is available for organizations with large numbers of extensions.

Regarding voicemail, Onebox stores all voicemail in a single convenient location. Better still, voice calls can be recorded or automatically transcribed and sent through email or text for quick review and archiving. Mobile apps are available for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS to ensure access to archived calls from anywhere. j2 Global’s eVoice, an alternative to Onebox, is a similar service with different pricing plans and features.

Onebox Key Features

  • Voicemail is transcribed to text and email, accessible through web and mobile apps
  • Advanced Call Routing directs calls to currently active phone, following customer throughout the day
  • Record live calls
  • Conference calls with up to 95 participants and web conferencing with file sharing
  • Auto-Attendant gives personalized business greeting (computerized or professionally recorded) and directs calls
  • Toll-free numbers (800/866/877/888)
  • Mobile app for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry

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