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Company Leverages ReadyTalk and Eloqua for Maximum Benefit: Integration with Marketing Automation Creates More Efficient and Effective Webinars

Webinars can be a valuable tool for marketing to prospects and customers alike, letting marketers meet with prospects and clients online, anywhere, anytime. Webinar technology offers the perfect way to cost-effectively deliver presentations, product demonstrations, meetings, seminars and training in today’s increasingly virtual workplace.

Webinars Can Improve Business Processes: Leveraging ReadyTalk and for Better Customer Development

Webinars already help companies generate leads and convert them into sales. But, when paired with a customer relationship management system, webinar data can be integrated into business processes to help companies generate even more leads and sales. While companies can gather a lot of information about webinar registrants and attendees based on the information they fill out before joining the event and their behavior during the event, what matters most is what companies do with that information after the webinar. For most sales organizations, this follow-up activity is outlined and performed in a very strict fashion and tracked within their CRM system.

Webinars Drive Lead Generation: Trada Uses ReadyTalk Web Conferencing for Thought Leadership, Qualified Leads

Effective marketing should drive business by uncovering sales opportunities, qualifying the resulting leads, and cultivating relationships with influencers and decision-makers that turn leads into clients. In an increasingly global marketplace, in which customers can find vendors with a simple Internet search, companies must distinguish themselves to their prospects and clients with thought leadership and value-added services. Webinars can facilitate marketing initiatives, letting marketers meet with prospects and clients anywhere, anytime, in an Internet-based, real-time environment.

User-Friendly Webinars with ReadyTalk: AtTask Saves Time and Money with Online Tools

Before moving to an integrated solution, AtTask had to send email reminders and confirmations through the webinar platform. Emails looked generic and knowing who intended to join an event was impossible. Using ReadyTalk, AtTask could set up email templates and use Eloqua to send and track all communications, from invite to registration to log-in. The registration page now resides on the company’s website for a consistent, branded user experience.

Streamlining Webinars with ReadyTalk: Compendium Optimizes eConferences to Webinars

Prior to partnering with ReadyTalk, Compendium had been using another well-known webinar service provider, but was grappling with recurring software issues and connectivity problems.

ReadyTalk and Pardot: A Case Study for IRISS

IRISS has experienced numerous benefits since migrating from the other platforms to Pardot and ReadyTalk.

ReadyTalk Webinar

ReadyTalk is a web conferencing solution designed to help companies achieve goals whether those goals are selling, marketing, training or communicating. The platform lets users run web seminars, host online meetings, conduct conference calls, and easily record and distribute sessions.


In 2001, a fearless and persistent team of entrepreneurs set out to build a great audio and web conferencing technology […]

Convert Leads Faster by Integrating Webinar, Marketing, and Sales Platforms

Integrating webinar software with sales and marketing automation platforms significantly improves the efficiency with which marketing and sales drive revenue from webinars. In a recent survey of marketing professionals, 92 percent of respondents indicated that webinars are one of the most effective means of generating high quality leads.

Best Practices for Making Your Webinar a Success: Post-Event Evaluation

Webinars are a cost effective alternative to in-person meetings or train employees, partners and customers; and drive collaboration and productivity within an organization.