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– SAS Human Capital Management

SAS Human Capital Management performs the difficult task of pinpointing workforce deficiencies and predicting costs associated with employment changes. Predefined metrics and sophisticated analytical tools give managers and executives the insight they need to better staff their organizations.

SAS Marketing Automation

SAS Marketing Automation, part of the SAS Customer Intelligence suite, is a campaign management tool that helps marketing teams delineate market segments and efficiently produce and manage targeted marketing campaigns. Marketing Automation can be installed on-premises or as an SAS OnDemand cloud service.

SAS Supply & Demand Planning

SAS Supply & Demand Planning is a business intelligence software solution designed to improve supply and demand planning processes and improve efficiency within the business. The platform enables users to utilize data-driven forecasts, balance inventory with demand in near-real time and derive analytical insights from early demand signals.

SAS Financial Management

SAS Financial Management doubles as accounting and financial planning software. The suite provides activity-based management, financial reporting and planning, profitability management, and strategy management. Though financial analysis can be excessively complicated, especially for large organizations, SAS Financial Management promises actionable analysis that non-finance experts can understand.

– SAS Social Media Analytics

As with most software that promises to analyze data derived from social media, Social Media Analytics can mine conversations on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Though SAS doesn’t just provide automated sentiment analysis based on keyword frequency–the importance of posts is measured by the influence of the poster and her overall sentiment (the software can track influential posters using “hubs”).

SAS Text Miner

SAS Text Miner is a business intelligence platform that is designed to analyze text data from different sources to gain business insights. The application provides predictive models that use situational knowledge to describe future scenarios. The software has the ability to automate time-consuming manual activities like theme extraction or key term relationships.

SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics

SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics is BI and analytic reporting software that enables users to create and share analytic reports, utilize data visualization tools, and monitor key metrics. The platform identifies analytic patterns, key data relationships, and data correlations.

SAS Visual Analytics Designer with Stuart Nisbet

SAS Senior Director of R&D Stuart Nisbet demos SAS Visual Analytics Designer to build reports for the Web or mobile devices, based on data with more than a billion records.

What’s New with SAS Mobile BI

Anna Brown interviews SAS Software Development Manager Scott McQuiggan who will share details about what’s new with SAS Mobile BI.

SAS Visual Analytics Software Demo

Learn how SAS Visual Analytics lets you explore massive amounts of data at amazingly fast speeds.