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UNIT4 Agresso

UNIT4 Agresso ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning software ideal for service or people-based organizations with financial accounting needs integrated with other core business functions in a single system. These functions include accounting, budgeting, procurement, HR, payroll, project management, field asset management, and analytics, ensuring a functional breadth that promotes access to business information.

– UNIT4 Agresso HR and Payroll

Agresso Human Resources and Agresso Payroll offer a wide range of tools to help a company manage everyday HR tasks.

Agresso HR and Payroll

The Universities of Bangor, Canterbury Christ Church and Dartington College of Art discuss the huge benefits that they have gained through the implementation of the Agresso HR and Payroll solution.

Accounting for Change

Although the fundamentals of accounting have not changed much over the years, the velocity of business and regulatory change is unprecedented.

Accounting for Change: Finance Technology in the Retail Industry

This whitepaper will cover trends that affect and challenge the retail industry and highlight how the back office – and particularly finance technology – can help drive success.

Modifying and Maintaining ERP Systems: The High Cost of Business Disruption

Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are challenged to provide the architectural agility necessary to support businesses in a high-change, global environment (e.g., to accommodate merger and acquisition [M&A] activity, new financial or regulatory requirements, organizational restructuring, or new business processes). A recent IDC survey shows that the negative impact of business disruptions attached to ERP modifications is simply too high: a 20.9% decline in stock price, a 14.3% revenue loss due to delayed product launches, and a 16.6% decline in customer satisfaction.

Agresso Movie

Overview of the benefits of Agresso ERP.

Unit4 Coda Financials

Coda Financials is a financial management solution designed to be integrated with a company’s existing applications. Coda provides companies with real-time financial visibility across employees, processes and systems. With Coda Financials, companies can buy or build specialized operational applications and use UNIT4’s award-winning Financials as an accounting plug-in or a financial hub. The Coda Link™ architecture allows companies to easily connect best-of-class applications, of all types, in a federated approach using our web services.

– UNIT4 Business World

Agresso Business World is an ERP solution that includes budgeting and forecasting, HR and financial management features. Agresso Buisness World is best utilized by mid- to large-size companies.

Timesheets App from UNIT4

An overview of the Agresso Business World Timesheets App from UNIT4.