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Based on the customer’s technology requirements, UNIT4 Business World can be deployed as both a traditional ERP solution or as a fully-hosted solution. To access the hosted version, all clients need is access to a web browser.

Customer Focus

UNIT4 Business World is made to work for a wide range of companies in both the public and commercial sectors. The goal of UNIT4 Business World is to help companies who realize the need to be able to adapt to change, keep their business processes flexible enough to meet the demands of their clients.

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Royal Borough of Windsor Maienhead, Exeter College, East Kent Finance Consortium, City of Oslo.

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About UNIT4 Business World

- UNIT4 Business WorldUNIT4 Business Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UNIT4. UNIT4 Business World is widely recognized as the business software solution with the lowest total cost of change, thanks to the VITA architecture that allows for unlimited number of post implementation changes without any extra external IT costs. UNIT4 Business World is geared to organizations that face rapid and ongoing changes, or as UNIT4 describes them, “BLINC” organizations (Businesses Living In Change). UNIT4 Business World includes accounting/financials, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, HR and payroll and other crucial ERP modules.

Unit4 is a global business software company that creates their products to be utilized by dynamic organizations that understand the need to have flexible operating standards. Unit4 offers a broad portfolio that includes solutions to address different markets, requirements, technologies and types of organizations.Unit4 includes UNIT4 Business World ERP suite and CODA Financial Management software. Unit4 has operations in 17 European countries and seven countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. Unit4’s business software solutions include ERP, human resource management, financial management, business analytics, consolidation and cash, financial audit cloud solutions and expert software services. Each solution is made to help companies reduce costs while maximizing the speed of change within companies in the commercial and public sectors.

UNIT4 Business World Key Features

Financial Management
  • Includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, comprehensive budgeting, asset accounting, cash management capabilities and other dedicated accounting tools. Financials is designed for companies that face both internal and external demands. Financial module can also be integrated with the other UNIT4 ERP modules to create a two-way data exchange.

Human Resources and Payroll

  • Provides a comprehensive range of tools to help a company’s HR and Payroll teams. Includes workflow and employee self-service to reduce the risk of duplicating any work and helps to reduce the overall time spent on administrative duties. Also includes inquiry, reporting and analysis tools to help managers gain more precise insights into the organization’s resources.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • UNIT4 Planner is a flexible, database-driven budgeting, forecasting and planning tool that is fully integrated with the other UNIT4 ERP modules. The planning module collects information from across the company and key systems to provide key decision makers with the most updated and accurate information. Includes an unlimited number of budget versions for analysis, simulation or budget modeling, includes multi-currency budgeting, reporting across multiple years and flexible reporting templates and wizards.

Procurement Management

  • Supports, automates and standardizes all stages of indirect purchasing and procurement cycle. This includes everything from the initial identification of needs for a product through the payment settlement. Procurement management system is made for organizations that need to control costs while streamline the procurement process. UNIT4 Procurement management includes automatic routing for approvals or modifications by supervisors. This includes requisitions, purchase orders, internal orders, order confirmation and supplier invoices.

Project Costing and Billing

  • UNIT4 Project is made to help companies get the most out of their resources. This includes automation of all processes that are part of a project; allowing for closer management of resources used. Some of the tools included are Project definition, exception monitoring, project cost and expense capture, invoicing and resource planning and deployment. These tools, along with the many others included, are combined to create a module to help companies better track their expenses on projects and increase the overall efficiency of the company.

ERP Reporting and Analytics

  • Reporting and analytic capabilities are vital to any company. So much so, they form one of the three core components of UNIT4 VITA architecture. As an integrated solution, data from all UNIT4 ERP modules can be compiled and organized in a variety of ways. Unlike other ERP solutions, UNIT4 includes a variety of reporting and analytic tools that can be used to create a variety of reports, including Browser, Excelerator and Report Creator.

Business Process Automation

  • Helps companies manage workflow and includes business alerts and exception monitoring tools designed to work with all other UNIT4 modules. Made to work right out-of-the-box, there isn’t any programming required; allowing users to implement processes to improve corporate governance, internal controls and automated procedures.

Field Service Management and Automation

  • Includes management and administration tools for asset maintenance, inventory management, contract management and resource allocation. Other tools included are regulatory reporting, time and billing and mobile workforce communication. Designed to help companies who manage the maintenance of their, or others, assets or have mobile workers.

  • Powerful ERP solution that includes all the modules companies need to improve performance
  • Specifically built to help companies adapt to rapidly changing environments
  • When compared to other ERP solutions that target mid to enterprise sized companies, UNIT4 Business World lacks some key modules

UNIT4 Business World is a robust ERP solution that includes all the core ERP modules a company would need to improve internal workflow. Another key benefit of UNIT4 Business World is each module is designed to be integrated with all the other UNIT4 modules, making it easier for companies to improve efficiency across the entire organization. This also ensures that one solution can be utilized across the entire company, rather than piecing together different ERP solutions designed for only one specific function.

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Modifying and Maintaining ERP Systems: The High Cost of Business Disruption
White Paper provided by UNIT4
Today's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are challenged to provide the architectural agility necessary to support businesses in a high-change, global environment (e.g., to accommodate merger and acquisition [M&A] activity, new financial or regulatory requirements, organizational restructuring, or new business processes). A recent IDC survey shows that the negative impact of business disruptions attached to ERP modifications is simply too high: a 20.9% decline in stock price, a 14.3% revenue loss due to delayed product launches, and a 16.6% decline in customer satisfaction.

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