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4 Tips for Buying IT Help Desk Software

There are a variety of IT help desk software applications on the market today, and while most of these solutions are quite similar, with common features and functionality, there are many distinct differences between them. That’s why choosing the right IT help desk software for your organization can seem like a harrowing task. When you being to evaluate vendors, it’s essential that you look carefully at the following traits:

Support for IT Help Desk Software

Your employees rely on your IT staff to help keep them – and the technology systems that support their day-to-day work activities – efficient and productive. Therefore, you need to make sure your IT help desk software vendor provides the same level of support that you do. For example, if your company offers around-the-clock technical support to employees, you’ll need to make sure your IT help desk software vendor will be available at all hours to provide help if you need it.

Customization of IT Help Desk Software

Each and every IT department is different. Some operate as simple technical support centers for questions and problem resolution, while others serve as central hubs for all technology-related employee issues including ordering software and peripherals, and providing training for new applications. Additionally, technology architectures, employee needs, and support procedures will vary greatly from one company to the next, and the IT help desk software you choose should be flexible, adaptable, and fully customizable, so it can be tailored to address your unique workflows and activities.

Licensing for IT Help Desk Software

Most IT help desk software systems are priced on a per-license basis. Yet, there is a variety of licensing fee structures available, such as:

  • Named licenses, which allow only specific users to access the software
  • Concurrent licenses, which allow a pre-determined number of unnamed users to utilize the software simultaneously at any given time
  • Enterprise licenses, which provide unlimited access across an organization

If your IT team is already stretched pretty thin, you can choose a hosted IT help desk software solution from a third-party service provider. This approach will eliminate the need for internal staff to install and maintain the application. You simply pay a monthly subscription rate, usually based on the total number of users, to utilize an IT help desk software system that is housed and managed at the provider’s site.

What type of licensing you’ll need will depend on a number of factors, including the size and scope of your IT department. Think carefully about who needs to use the IT help desk software application – and how frequently – before you commit to licensing fees.

Think Ahead with IT Help Desk Software

The size of your organization, the types of technology systems you own, and the way you manage employee technical support can change greatly in just a short period of time. What you need from your IT help desk software today may be quite different from what you need out of it a year down the road. Be sure to choose a solution that is scalable and expandable, so it can easily grow and change as your requirements do.

A lot of IT help desk software includes the same features, but each vendor will try to differentiate themselves from the pack by putting their unique spin on their solution. It’s important to look at each IT help desk software vendor closely to find the one that offers the solution that will best work for your company.