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About IT Help Desk

IT help desk software solutions automate, centralize, and streamline the end-to-end process of reporting, managing, and resolving employee technical issues. These robust software applications enable IT departments to quickly and successfully troubleshoot and address employee technical problems by:

  • Providing self-service support capabilities, such as online help or frequently asked questions (FAQs), so employees can quickly resolve common, routine problems on their own.
  • Improving the productivity of all activities associated with issue-handling, such as the inventory tracking and staff resource allocation.
  • Allowing IT departments to closely monitor the status of all employee issues from the moment they are reported until they are resolved.
  • Providing a knowledgebase that contains the comprehensive information support staff needs to rapidly and accurately respond to technical inquiries and solve problems.

Key Benefits of IT Help Desk Software for Your Company

With IT help desk software, you can eliminate the communication bottlenecks that can cause issues to be mismanaged and ensure that every IT-related problem is handled as rapidly and efficiently as possible. This will help optimize the performance and availability of mission-critical business applications so your employees can perform their duties with minimal disruption.

Additionally, IT help desk software enhances the efficiency of your IT service professionals, empowering them to be more informed about your technology resources and enabling them to be more responsive to employee needs.

IT help desk software can also improve employee relations. In fact, studies show that companies who are equipped to quickly resolve both technical and non-technical employee problems are likely to experience higher morale, improved productivity, and lower turnover rates. Most importantly, IT help desk software can impact your company’s bottom line, significantly reducing the costs associated with internal IT service and support operations.

Does My Company Need IT Help Desk Software?

IT help desk software enables your IT support department to meet corporate mandates to do more with less. It increases productivity and output, while reducing operating expenses, by helping to resolve employee technical problems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Additionally, in a competitive job market where the cost of acquiring new employees is on the rise, and companies are finding it harder and harder to keep their most talented staff members happy, IT help desk software can minimize job frustration and boost retention.

Common IT Help Desk Software Features

The IT help desk software available today are primarily web-based and provide a wide array of functions to enhance company-wide technical support processes, including:

  • 24 x 7 self-service, such as online problem reporting or job ticket opening, as well as FAQs and other documentation.
  • Support for multi-channel communications, including email and live chat, to enhance interactions with remote or off-site workers.
  • End-to-end activity tracking and status monitoring.
  • Reporting and analytics to help identify important trends.
  • Dynamic resource allocation that automatically assigns staff members to issues based on workload, as well as skills and experience.
  • Real-time alerts that “flag” potential support breakdowns and instantly notify management when unusual or highly-complex problems are reported, or when issues go unresolved for an extended period of time.

What to Look for When Choosing an IT Help Desk Software

Not all IT help desk software packages are the same. While most provide similar functionality, only a few provide the customization capabilities needed to deliver truly superior support. An IT help desk management solution must be customizable. Since technology architectures, employee needs, IT department structures and support procedures vary from company to company, you will need to make sure the IT help desk management solution you choose supports your company’s procedures.