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About Kana Customer Service Software

KANA is a world leader in multi-channel customer service. KANA’s integrated solutions allow companies to deliver consistent, managed service across all channels, including email, chat, call centers and Web self-service, so customers have the freedom to choose the service they want, how and when they want it.

Built for the enterprise environment, KANA customer service solutions are enhancing service quality and efficiency in more than 600 companies worldwide, including approximately half of the world’s largest 100 companies.

Kana Customer Service Software

The company’s service offerings include:

  • eMail and eService Solutions – Optimize your contact center for maximum efficiency and effectiveness using KANA solutions to manage high volumes of secure email and live collaboration sessions.
  • Call Center Solutions – Streamline your agent desktop to leverage enterprise data in answering customers’ questions while automating resolution guidance and service processes for outstanding improvements in call center productivity.
  • Web Self-Service Solutions – Ensure that every self-service experience is successful and satisfying with solutions that guide the customer through each self-service inquiry and offer easy escalation via email or live collaborative help.
  • Industry Solutions – In banking, telecommunications, insurance, high tech, retail and many other industry segments.


Customer Service Benefits

Global 2000 enterprises are taking advantage of KANA solutions to increase customer satisfaction, drive down service costs and generate additional revenue. KANA’s clients report double-digit increases in customer satisfaction, while reducing call volumes by an average of 20%.

Kana Customers

Global 2000 organizations across the industrial spectrum use KANA solutions including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, high technology, manufacturing, retail and services industries. Customers such as ADP, Cigna, GAP, GM, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Kodak, Palm,, SBC, Siemens, Sony, Sprint, State of California, and Yahoo!.

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