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Benefits of Marketing Automation

Improve All of Your Marketing Activities

With the rise in social media platforms and online user activity, the marketing landscape is rapidly changing, and marketing automation software is helping organizations quickly respond to shifting strategies, and improve operational efficiency.

Traditional programs marketing efforts such as trade shows, direct mail, and print advertising have succumbed to the new-wave of online marketing, and have been replaced  by pay-per-click sponsorships, search engine optimization, email blasts, Webinars, and other eMarketing initiatives.

However, as online marketing tactics gain in popularity, average response rates are declining  and marketing budgets are shrinking, while sales teams continue to demand greater and greater volumes of qualified leads.

With a marketing automation software package, marketing teams have access to all the tools they need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns and promotions, while reducing related costs. Marketing teams are now able to conduct sophisticated drip email marketing campaigns, build organic traffic with blogging strategies, plan webinars and more. These marketing automation software solutions are able to streamline and automate all of these marketing strategies – from planning and set-up, all the way through execution and tracking.

With marketing automation software, a business can enhance all aspects of cross-channel communication and lead generation. Prospect and customer databases can be managed and segmented more effectively, promotions can be deployed in a more targeted and personalized fashion, leads can be tracked more closely, and results can be measured more accurately.

Additionally, more and more companies are relying on an increasingly complex and multi-faceted mix of marketing activities to reach their lead generation and sales revenue goals.

As a result, many of them are turning to marketing automation software to integrate and centralize the disparate, fragmented processes that exist across multiple marketing teams, and coordinate the various activities involved in the effective execution of cross-channel marketing strategies.

The key benefits of marketing automation software include:

  • Increased productivity – with marketing automation software, marketing staff can eliminate the tedious, cumbersome, and repetitive tasks often associated with campaign planning and execution and launch programs faster and more efficiently.
  • Reduced costs – by minimizing the waste and redundancy caused by manual campaign execution, marketing automation software can significantly cut expenses. Additionally, marketing automation software gives companies in-depth insight into campaign effectiveness, so they can abandon unsuccessful initiatives before they drain financial resources.
  • Enhanced flexibility – marketing automation software makes marketing teams more agile, so they can react instantly to changing marketplace conditions and shifting communication strategies.
  • Advanced intelligence – the kind of intelligence-driven planning and execution required to maximize response and conversion rates is made possible by marketing automation software. It provides timely, valuable information that can be analyzed to determine what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why. As a result, it enables better, more informed decision making regarding future campaign plans.
  • Improved personalization – with marketing automation software, marketing teams have the tools they need to launch initiatives based on the specific needs and wants of a target audience, so content is more targeted and more relevant. And, studies show that the use of personalization can boost response and conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase return on marketing investment.