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How Web Conferencing Software Can Help Reduce Costs

Web Conferencing Yields Greater Efficiency at a Lower Cost
One of the key advantages of a Web conferencing software package is its ability to dramatically reduce the expenses associated with organizing and hosting events. This article highlights some of the many areas in which companies can achieve cost-savings through the use of a Web conferencing software solution.

Marketing Events
Most marketing teams still rely on traditional “brick-and-mortar” seminars, user groups, trade shows, and conferences to generate new business. While these events are valuable, they also come with very high price tags. A hotel meeting room or other facility must be booked, or valuable office space must be allocated. Food, drink, and other amenities are needed to make participants comfortable and relaxed. And equipment to project the presentation slides or other materials onto large screens for optimum viewing must be rented. These expenses all add up, and they can amount to thousands of dollars per event.

Web conferencing software allows marketing departments to host these events “virtually.” Speakers, attendees, and other participants join via the Web, from any remote location, anywhere around the world. As a result, the costs associated with renting rooms, projectors, and screens, or ordering meals, are completely eliminated.

Costs are further reduced by enabling marketing teams to generate more leads with fewer events. With “live” seminars and conferences, staff must travel from one city to the next to attract a small local audience. But one single Webcast held via Web conferencing software can attract a large number of participants from around the world.

In an effort to win more new business, many companies bundle training classes in with their product or service offerings. This, too, can become quite costly, since the same type of facilities and equipment needed for marketing events must also be secured for educational courses. Web conferencing software allows trainers to host their events in an entirely Internet-based environment, eliminating those expenses. Web-based training is more efficient and cost-effective for both the company and its clients.

Sales Calls
Businesses across all industries spend tens of thousands of dollars every year to fly sales reps from one prospect site to another, so they can conduct face-to-face demonstrations and presentations to potential clients.

As airfare costs continue to spike, companies are struggling to justify these costs. Web conferencing software allows sales reps to interact with existing and potential customers in much the same way that they could during a face-to-face meeting. Presentations and demonstrations can be given in real-time, question-and-answer sessions and discussions can be held throughout the course of the meeting, and a variety of collaboration tools allow for dynamic and continuous interaction. However, all related expenses, including airfare and hotel, are completely avoided.

Internal Meetings
As organizations globalize, it becomes harder – and less affordable – to gather stakeholders for strategic planning meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other internal events. Web conferencing software makes it easier and more budget-friendly to bring corporate leaders together to communicate and collaborate on important company issues.

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