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How Web Conferencing Software Can Improve Marketing Events

Events are a critical component of any successful lead generation strategy. Web conferencing software can help marketing teams make seminars and other sessions more effective and cost-efficient.

Simplify the Execution of Marketing Events Using Web Conferencing Software

Marketing teams depend on seminars and the other types of events they host to create broader marketplace awareness, uncover new business opportunities, and portray an image of thought-leadership. Web conferencing software can provide marketing professionals with the tools they need to significantly enhance the way these events are organized, held, and managed. As a result, they can convey their value proposition to more members of their target audience, generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and more.

How can web conferencing software help increase the success of marketing events?

Leads, Leads, and more Leads!
When a marketing department hosts a face-to-face meeting, it is often challenged to secure a high level of participation. While brick and mortar seminars, conferences, and trade shows used to bring in large groups of participants, attendance has been on the decline for the past several years. That’s because, as airline, hotel, and other expenses rise, companies across all industries are slashing travel budgets, and reducing the amount of business trips their workers take.

With web conferencing software, events are more likely to entice a greater number of attendees. Prospects and customers can participate from the comfort and convenience of their home or office, without the need to secure funding from their managers. Because web conferencing software allows presenters to record their event, and make it available via the Internet for viewing at a later date, invitees who are unavailable to attend the “live” session can watch the recorded version at any time.

Reduced Costs
“Brick and mortar” seminars are quite expensive. Facilities must be reserved, catering must be ordered, and projection equipment must be rented. In some cases, third party speakers such as analysts or industry experts are flown in to lend credibility to the session. These expenses all add up – driving up cost per lead, and diverting funds away from other important marketing initiatives.

With web conferencing software, marketing teams can generate more leads, at a lower cost. All speakers and participants contribute to the event from remote locations. So, the need to spend money on rooms, food, equipment, and airfare are eliminated. As a result, conversion margins and impact to profitability are increased, while additional funds are freed up for telemarketing, direct mail, advertising, and other important programs.

Enhanced Collaboration
Most in-person marketing events are held in the traditional “lecture-style” format. And while this approach may seem like the most efficient way, it is often considered stale and boring by most attendees. Web conferencing software offers a variety of capabilities designed to make sessions more dynamic and interactive. The ability for presenters to annotate their slides as they are speaking, chat facilities, whiteboards, desktop and screen sharing, and other common web conferencing software features allow for unhindered communication between session leaders and their audience members. As a result, the event will be more interesting and memorable, and more likely to lead to additional business.

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