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Distribution software is a powerful solution that enhances all aspects of a company’s transportation and delivery chain. Usually offered as an integrated module within most enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites, it’s also available as a stand-alone application. Distribution software provides a company with full support for all distribution-related functions, including routing, sourcing, order processing, inventory monitoring, warehouse management, and delivery tracking.

Moving completed goods from their main manufacturing source to end customers or retail outlets may appear a straightforward and simple task, but today’s wholesale, distribution, and logistics businesses face significant and unique challenges. Such challenges include an increasingly intense competition, the spread of globalization, rapidly shifting customer demands, and more and more sophisticated business models that make it ever more difficult to gain market share while also achieving and sustaining profitability.

What Is Distribution Software?
Distribution software streamlines and automates the diverse processes and activities required in the collection, transportation, and delivery of finished products and goods. With distribution software in place, companies can eliminate the more cumbersome manual processes inherent in the distribution side and focus more on efficient production and design.

Businesses can ensure a smoother and faster execution process with distribution software, while still monitoring mission-critical activities in order to identify possible weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities. This can provide a company with a solid, sustainable benefit in the highly competitive production and distribution market by delivering the agility and efficiency that every company needs in order to broaden the customer base as well as boost revenue.

The distribution industry can be a difficult one since a complicated series of extremely intricate front- and back-office activities have to come together flawlessly so as to ensure the most profitable operations possible. Over the past several years, these tasks have grown increasingly more sophisticated. Accordingly, the ineffective, error-prone manual processes previously used in executing key tasks are no longer sufficient in keeping business processes running smoothly.

Wholesalers, logistics service providers, distributors, and other related companies that utilize and implement distribution software can reap any number of advantages. Among the most prominent benefits of distribution software are:

  • Reducing the time to process and fulfill orders.
  • Eliminating inventory shortages and overages, ensuring you have the exact amount of product you need at all times.
  • Improving service levels and performance.
  • Responding more swiftly to changing customer requests and shifting marketplace conditions.
  • Reducing freight expenses and related operating costs.
  • Enhancing relationships with your business partners.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Distribution software solutions on the market these days are powerful tools that offer comprehensive management capabilities. When looking for distribution software, it needs to provide real-time business management over every aspect of your production, thus fully supporting and automating the most important functions and operations of your business, including:

  • Purchasing, sourcing, and vendor relationship management.
  • Sales order processing and entry.
  • Invoicing and billing.
  • General ledger and accounts receivable and payable.
  • Inventory replenishment and management at multiple as well as single locations.
  • Customer and contact management.
  • Shipment, delivery tracking, and scheduling.
  • Multi-channel service management and delivery.

Also, many distribution software solutions include comprehensive analysis and reporting. This allows for ongoing tracking and monitoring of core operations, which can assist companies in rapidly identifying key trends and patterns in distribution activities, as well as uncovering areas that require improvement so the company can take quick, corrective action.

Since workers at the majority of distribution and logistics companies are usually on the go, distribution software vendors are starting to incorporate web-based and mobile access capabilities to their solutions. This makes it faster and easier for employees to retrieve information they need for their day-to-day processes, whenever and wherever they need it, especially when they’re on the road.

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