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Erin Marrs

Erin is a Content Strategist and Marketing Account Lead at

Sep 5, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Salt Lake City, UT

One of the great things about today’s world is that your profession, and therefore the facilities you need to be close to in order to maintain that profession, doesn’t necessarily have to determine where you call home. It wasn’t all that long ago that the tech hubs were fewer and much more city-centric, making it harder for those who wanted to work within the technology sector but also wanted to nurture certain outdoor hobbies, like skiing. This, however, is no longer the case.

Jun 13, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Sweden

While generally better known for companies like IKEA and Ericsson, Sweden is a country that brings much more to the world of tech than most people realize. Despite the fact that most neighboring European countries have experienced some economic hardships in the last several years, Sweden has managed to maintain economic stability.

Apr 17, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Mini-Series: My Take On Working From Home

Welcome to Remote Team Week, a week we’ve devoted to the remote employee and the different ways to support a remote work environment. For my contribution, I decided to draw from my personal experiences and share the things I’ve learned from my time spent working from home.

Mar 28, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Sydney, Australia

Tech hubs can be like gardens — sometimes they explode into jungles all on their own and sometimes they need someone to create the ideal environment in which to take root. In 2015, New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, announced that Australia’s Industrial Bays Precinct was next in line to become one such environment — turning a formerly disused area into an established support base for tech startups, incubators and accelerators.

Feb 23, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Reading Minds and Converting Leads - Crystal Ball Not Included

Back in 2014, we analyzed the best landing page optimization tools on the market for the upcoming year in our 2015’s Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software blog post. While I may have missed the ‘these are my predictions for the new year’ sweet spot (AKA December 2016), I don’t think it’s too late to reopen the case and see if what dominated the market in 2015 still holds up today.

Jan 10, 2017
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Tel Aviv, Israel

Despite often finding the Silicon Valley-esque nomenclature attached to other tech-centric locations, the United States is not the exclusive home to technological development. Tel Aviv started attracting hi-tech firms in the 1960’s, and eventually landed a spot among the top startup ecosystems globally, maintaining that status ever since.

Sep 13, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Research Triangle, NC

For those not familiar, there’s a region in North Carolina known as The Research Triangle, an area encompassing the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill (and/or Cary, depending on who you talk to). Since the 1950s, these cities have nurtured a strong focus on tech-centric research and development, and today are home to many high tech and life sciences companies like Red Hat, Cisco Systems and Pfizer.

Aug 16, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Atlanta, GA

When it comes to tech hub cities, some are more well-known than others, which is why it’s not really a huge surprise to see Atlanta make various ‘best places for tech’ lists. However, it wasn’t too long ago that the city’s general investor atmosphere tended to prefer businesses where profit and success were practically guaranteed.

Jul 5, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Boulder, CO

For those who may not be familiar one of the West’s busiest tech hubs, Boulder’s story hasn’t always been tech-based. The 1960s showed a city widely known as a home for hippies, a demographic whose attitudes were as far removed from the tech world as one could get.

Jun 21, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
At-A-Glance Guide to Inbound V. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the yin to outbound marketing’s yang, and when used in conjunction, they can create a kind of marketing harmony. The trick is to learn what best suits your business and complements your work habits, allowing a stronger emphasis to be put on the method that delivers the biggest benefits.

Jun 19, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Built On Good Intentions: An Introduction to Intent Marketing

It’s not news that marketing strategies are forever changing, evolving to suit whatever new business landscape unfolds before us. Some strategies are left by the wayside while others get facelifts and become more formidable players in the marketing field.

Jun 7, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Local Tech Series: Austin, TX

Welcome to Austin; famous for food, music, art and (unsurprisingly) tech. It’s no secret that computer giant Dell Inc. was founded in Austin and operates in Round Rock, Texas, about twenty miles outside of Austin proper.

May 17, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part Three

This being the conclusive chapter of the series means I’m almost done talking, but it doesn’t mean these topics are any less important. Social integration and front desk systems are ways to interact with your customers, both current and potential.

May 16, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part Two

Regardless of industry, all businesses deal with money, so of course hospitality management software comes equipped with tools and applications designed to handle it. While you (as the human in the relationship) will always have some level of responsibility to make sure numbers are added in the appropriate places, the crunching of said numbers can be left to the robots.

May 15, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Birth of a B&B: My Mom vs Hospitality Software Part One

My mom is not one of those people who doesn’t trust technology and wants to do everything by hand, a fact that makes my contribution easier since I don’t have to spend time convincing her that robots are not going to steal her thoughts and sell them to the government if she starts a Gmail account. Instead, I can jump straight into helping her explore the world of hospitality software and all the myriad ways it can help turn a house into a (temporary) home (for profit).

Apr 12, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
It’s Time to Fire Excel: MRP Software Has You Covered

Before we dive in, let’s run through a quick scenario: You run a factory that builds car parts and you find yourself at the beginning of another fiscal year. Last year went well but not as smoothly as you would have liked.

Mar 22, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
Business Intelligence: The Whole Enchilada

When it comes to staying on top of your company, business intelligence software is the whole enchilada. Business intelligence refers to the tools and processes used to gather and analyze data in order to make informed decisions.

Mar 1, 2016
Erin Marrs wrote this post:
CMS vs ECM: A Digital Crossroads

Building an online presence to bolster your business is essential, whether you want to hit the ground running with a brand-new venture or are aiming to cultivate a blog to catch the traffic you might be missing. Regardless of why you’ve started down this path, the internet has placed you at a crossroads that many have faced before you: CMS vs ECM.

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