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Emily Maxie

Marketing Director, SIGNiX
Marketing Director & Technology Blogger

Emily is a marketing professional with experience creating innovative marketing campaigns in various industries, including financial services, technology and health care.

Jun 17, 2014
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Digital Signatures Are Key to Successful Onboarding

Only 31% of wealth management clients rate their onboarding experience as excellent. Yet a successful onboarding experience can greatly benefit your company.

Apr 29, 2014
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
E-Signature Trends Focus on Customization and Mobile

Contributor Emily Maxie explores two e-signature trends: the focus on customization and the growing role of mobile in contract management software. Read this article to learn more about the features your business should consider when purchasing CLM software.

Mar 25, 2014
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
2014 E-Signature Trends: Security and Assurance Will Be King

The adoption of electronic signatures has steadily gained over the past several years, in industries as diverse as higher education, healthcare, credit unions, brokerages, small businesses and even crowdfunding. We saw the e-signature market take off in 2013. Though they haven’t yet published more recent statistics, Gartner found that the overall e-signature market grew by 48 percent from 2010 to 2011. And they predict that the market will continue to grow.

Jan 29, 2014
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Make Adopting E-Signatures Your New Year’s Resolution and Keep It!

It’s that time of year again, when people make (and break) their New Year’s resolutions. While you’re thinking about your personal resolutions, it’s a great time to think about adopting e-signatures. Most companies need to get documents signed every day as a part of doing business, and the process can be expensive and time-consuming. Top companies are turning to e-signature technology as a fast and easy way to get documents signed.

Jan 2, 2014
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
What You Should Know About the IRS's Electronic Signature Rules

Early last year, the IRS created a set of electronic signature rules used for the 4506-T form and 4506T-EZ form through their Income Verification Express Services (IVES). This is a big step because these forms were the last disclosure forms that couldn’t be electronically signed.

Nov 19, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
3 Ways Credit Unions Can Make the Most of 2014 Strategic Planning

It’s that time of year again. Football season has started, the leaves are changing colors and your credit union is planning for 2014. Some parts of the strategic planning process will be familiar, but others will present new challenges your credit union hasn’t faced before.

Nov 7, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Get Me Outta Here! Avoiding Vendor Lock-In with Cloud-Based Software

You might not know that some less-trustworthy vendors build roadblocks specifically designed to lock in customers on their service. They make it hard for you to switch vendors so they can raise prices or change policies without worrying too much about losing customers—a practice called “vendor lock-in.” Vendor lock-in happens with cloud computing just like it happens with other service providers.

Nov 3, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
6 Ways to Know if an Electronic Signature is Legal

Most electronic signatures comply with federal regulations, but not all of them provide the necessary evidence to withstand legal scrutiny. Here are six ways to know if an electronic signature is strong enough to stand up in court.

Oct 27, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Are Electronic Signatures Legal?

Many businesses are adopting electronic signatures as a fast and easy way to get documents signed online. But before you adopt electronic signatures, it’s important to make sure that the electronic signature software you pick will hold up to legal scrutiny.

Oct 22, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
5 Surprising Benefits of Digital Signatures for Financial Advisers

If you’re a financial advisor, the paperless office probably seems pretty far away. Thankfully, your company doesn't have to go completely paperless to reap the benefits of digital signatures for financial advisers. Here are 5 top benefits.

Oct 14, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
8 Pros and Cons of Electronic Signature Software

In an age when electronic signatures are gaining steam across many industries, it’s easy to get swept away by the desire to get documents signed online. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about this technology, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons of electronic signatures before deciding if they’re right for your business.

Sep 19, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
What is a Digital Signature? How Does it Work?

There is confusion about the differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures. Learn how you can utilize top CLM software to manage them both.

Sep 5, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Electronic Signatures: SEC/FINRA Compliant for Financial Advisers?

Electronic signatures have been considered legal in the United States since 2000. But financial advisers also have to worry about complex compliance issues. Broker-dealers thinking of adopting electronic signatures need to ensure that the technology they choose is SEC/FINRA compliant.

Aug 11, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
How Much Does an Electronic Signature Service Cost?

One of the first questions we get from business owners that call us is: “How much do electronic signatures cost?” It’s a tough question to answer because a lot of factors affect price in the electronic signature services industry, but I’ll do my best to explain how it works.

Jul 31, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Digitized Signature vs. Digital Signature: A Complete Comparison

There are a lot of different types of electronic signatures out there, and it can be confusing to figure out the differences between them. Today we're going to tackle the differences between digitized signatures and digital signatures.

Jul 16, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
4 Awesome Tech Tools to Delight Your Credit Union's Members

Credit unions of all sizes are looking to new technologies to enhance customer service, especially for younger members. In fact, a study by Callahan & Associates found that 60 percent of credit unions are looking to introduce or upgrade some type of mobile banking this year.

Jul 4, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
The Hidden Risks of Simplistic Audit Trails in e-Signatures

Many people are reluctant to use e-signature technology because they’re afraid that signatures created online aren’t legal. The truth is that e-signatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures. But that doesn’t mean that all e-signature products are on an equal footing when a signature is challenged in court.

Jun 30, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
The Common Sense Guide: Electronic Signature vs. Digital Signature

For most people who enter into contracts on a daily basis, the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” seem like the same thing. From a legal and technical perspective, however, an electronic signature and a digital signature are two very different forms of agreeing to a contract.

Jun 26, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
The Smart Way to Adopt Cloud Technology for Broker-Dealers

Though the worst of the recession seems to be behind us, growth opportunities for broker-dealers are still hard to come by. But this challenge has led firms across the country to find creative solutions. Broker-dealers can set themselves apart from the competition by adopting new cloud technology. When choosing a top cloud solution, keep these tips in mind.

Jun 25, 2013
Emily Maxie wrote this post:
Three Easy Ways to Boost Credit Union Member Satisfaction Today

With the growing number of financial institutions competing for credit unions’ business, member satisfaction has never been more important. Giving your members an outstanding experience isn’t a luxury; it’s a competitive necessity.

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