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– 24/7 Inc Px Mobile Review

Product Snapshot


24/7 Inc Px Mobile application is delivered as a cloud-based service.

Customer Focus

Px Mobile is used by companies in the communications, retail, consumer finance, technology, travel, information technology, and entertainment fields.

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About Px Mobile

- 24/7 Inc Px MobilePx Mobile delivers an experience that leverages enhanced capabilities such as location information and speech commands while allowing mobile users to complete transactions on their mobile device. Px Mobile incorporates customer profiles and real-time interaction data across all channels.

About 24/7 Inc
24/7 Inc provides a software program that aims to change the way service is delivered to customers. With the goal to make consumer experiences simple and intuitive, 24/7 Inc’s software platform makes company-to-consumer connections integrated, intelligent, and immersive.

Px Mobile Key Features

  • Powers smartphone apps and tablet devices
  • Incorporates real-time interaction data and customer profiles
  • Can be delivered as functionality embedded into existing downloadable apps, standalone downloadable apps, or HTML apps
  • Integrates with enterprise data sources and third-party systems
  • Determines the optimal interaction strategy by anticipating customer behavior

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