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Coral Business Solutions RealSoft Trading Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Coral Business Solutions works with companies of all sizes in the construction, trading, real estate and healthcare industries.

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About RealSoft Trading

Coral Business Solutions RealSoft Trading RealSoft Trading is an ERP software solution for trading companies that boosts productivity and saves time. The platform allows users to interact with modules for quoting, inventory, invoicing, HR, assets and payroll.

The software provides businesses with tools to pull up real-time data as needed from the program’s main dashboard, and there are several methods for monitoring revenue and expenses. Additionally, the platform allows companies to use a customized workflow management system, tracking tools and scheduling tools.

About the Company

Coral Business Solutions was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Dubai.


RealSoft Trading Key Features

  • Modules include quoting, inventory management, purchasing, invoicing, payroll, HR, assets and accounting
  • Document management and scheduling systems help save time and boost productivity
  • Displays revenue and expense data through graphics and reports
  • Customized workflow system allows the user to change the program to meet their needs
  • Internal messaging system for users


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