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Epicor Eclipse Distribution Software Review

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Product is available as both an on-premise solution and as a cloud-based solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small to large enterprise businesses. Eclipse is commonly used by distribution market leaders from these industries: electrical, HVAC and plumbing/PVF.

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About Epicor Eclipse

Epicor Eclipse Distribution Software Epicor® Eclipse™ has been developed to fit electrical, plumbing/PVF, and HVAC wholesale businesses. Eclipse is a complete distribution-focused, business management solution that scales from tens to thousands of users on a single installation. It provides extensive functionality for key business processes such as: Mobility, e-Commerce, Advanced Cycle Counting, Freight Audit Queue, Shipment Creation, Order Management for Counter, Inside/Outside & Showroom Sales, Commercial Job Management, CRM, Comprehensive Price Matrix, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Advanced Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Product Costing Management, Financial Management, Deep Analytics & Reporting, Procurement/Purchasing Management for single and multi-branch environments. Some of the available extended capabilities include Customer Profitability Analyzer, Strategic Pricing, Proof of Delivery, and Task Automation. Eclipse has a visually appealing, task-focused graphic interface extended across all screens. Low up-front costs, flat monthly fees and fully-maintained systems from on-premises, cloud, and hosted deployment alternatives are available.

About the Company

Epicor Software Corporation makes it easy for distributors to leverage solutions that fit their industry for digital transformation and growth. With nearly 50 years of experience with each customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements, Epicor offers the only true solution built for Distributors – with more out-of-the-box functionality to match each unique business than any other ERP provider.


Epicor Eclipse Key Features

  • Mobility solutions
  • eCommerce
  • Advanced cycle counting
  • Freight audit queue
  • Financial management
  • Commissions management
  • CRM
  • Order management: front counter, inside/outside sales
  • Cost and pricing management/strategic pricing
  • Project management
  • Procurement/purchasing management: single and multiple branches
  • Inventory/warehouse management
  • Proof of delivery
  • Advanced demand forecasting
  • Job and bid management
  • Credit card processing
  • Mobile showroom


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White Papers and Demos

Adding Value to Your Distribution Business
White Paper provided by Epicor
A fundamental principal of business operations is distinguishing your company from the competition. Since larger companies often have the advantage of scale, smaller companies must find ways to differentiate themselves to appeal to new customers, retain existing customers, and add new revenue streams. One way distributors can do this is by offering value-added services to their customers.
Is Your ERP Ready for AI?
White Paper provided by Epicor
AI is transforming how business leaders look at enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, driven by digital disruptors that are leveraging AI across several dimensions to innovate on behalf of customers. But what is it? And how exactly can it help a business grow? This white paper outlines how artificial intelligence will increasingly support and enhance core ERP capabilities for distributors.
Enterprise Software for Distributors - Is There a Perfect Fit?
White Paper provided by Epicor
Implementing or replacing your ERP system is no light matter. It may appear to be a difficult and painful process, but, if executed correctly, it can open business opportunities and make your life easier.


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