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eresource Infotech ERP Review

Product Snapshot


Software-as-a-Service, On-Premise

Customer Focus

Eresource works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of construction, pharmaceutical, transportation, manufacturing, and trading. Most clients are stationed in India.

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Fairfield, Vora Packaging, VSCL, Marvel, Ashar Locker

About eresource Infotech ERP

eresource Infotech ERP eresource Infotech ERP is a modular system that provides you with support in the areas of manufacturing, inventory, sales, purchasing, HR and finance. Depending on the type of your company, you can choose from a number of Infotech ERP software versions. For instance, you can pay for an on-site or on-demand model. Additionally, Infotech ERP is offered in industry-specific versions for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, fleet management, construction and modular kitchen companies.

About eresource Infotech
eresource was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in India. The company provides ERP solutions to Indian companies. eresource has won numerous awards, including the Business Leadership Award from the Institute of Industrial Development New Delhi, the Udyog Rattan Award and the 2008 Business Excellence Award.

eresource Infotech ERP Features

  • Modular ERP system
  • Sales module handles invoicing, order shipping, and order scheduling
  • Manufacturing module manages the supply chain process across multiple locations
  • Purchasing module streamlines procurement processes
  • Inventory module maintains warehouse stock, tracks item sales, sets inventory targets, and generates inventory reports
  • Total Quality Management module enforces quality assurance
  • Finance module generates financial reports and provides finance functionality
  • HR module handles payroll, personnel, timesheets, and training
  • Offered as on-demand or as on-site
  • Industry-specific ERP versions are available for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, fleet management, construction, and modular kitchen companies

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