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– FacilityDude InventoryEdge Review

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Product is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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About FacilityDude InventoryEdge

- FacilityDude InventoryEdgeFacilityDude InventoryEdge is a web-based inventory management program that helps facility managers and administrators in the healthcare, club, government, and commercial industries effectively manage inventory, requests, and orders. The flexible and customizable software suite consists of Inventory, the primary management interface, and Inventory Wireless, a fully integrated mobile app that allows users to access inventory information from anywhere. The software goes beyond simply tracking transactions, and allows users to allocate inventory to locations, projects, or employees and reduce costs through predictive purchasing. InventoryEdge can be fully integrated with FacilityDude Maintenance Edge to manage work orders and associated costs.

About the Company
FacilityDude is based in Cary, North Carolina, and was founded in 2007. FacilityDude is the sister company of SchoolDude, and offers several other products for facility management, including MaintenanceEdge and UtilityTrac.

FacilityDude InventoryEdge Key Features

  • Track Inventory Transactions
  • Predictive Purchasing
  • Integrate with MaintenanceEdge
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Records Receipt of Inventory
  • Automatic Email Notices
  • Link Inventory to Material Safety Datasheets
  • Inventory Activity Log
  • Search Function
  • Mobile Ready

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