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Formever Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Software and updates are provided free. When using it in free mode it is fully functional, but it is “single director” meaning one person can be on the system at a time.

The cloud service allows “multi-director” access. The first login ID is $49.95 per month.
The next 5 logins are $39.95 each per month. The next 10 logins are $29.95 per month each. The next 15 logins are $19.95 per month each. The next 15 logins are $9.95 each per month.

Once you reach 46 login IDs, Formever charges a flat enterprise rate of $1,000 per month, which allows you an unlimited number of login IDs.


Formever is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Formever works with small to medium-sized businesses

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About Formever

Formever Formever is a unique piece of software for business. Businesses can make custom systems that conform to their way of doing business, without any programming of code. Like a spreadsheet program gives you the tools to make your own spreadsheet, Formever gives you a set of tools to make your own system. General Ledger is well supported, and it’s easy to integrate that with operational aspects of the business. Multiple currencies are supported, as well as a comprehensive set of units.

Because all of the business logic is created by people within the company, the resulting systems are uniquely transparent and comprehensible. Employees should require little training, because the system matches the way they already do business.
Formever software is free, and there is an option for cloud services at a low monthly price per login ID.

About Formever
Formever, Inc. ( is based in Port Washington, NY and Vancouver, BC. The company is dedicated to making better workplaces by providing smart and elegant information tools that value people’s time and respect their knowledge. Unburdened by any legacy programs, or excessive overhead, Formever is free to try fresh and innovative approaches to delivering better solutions for business.

Formever Key Features

  • Easy customization by the business themselves (no need for third party developers or programmers)
  • Full General Ledger support
  • The ability to incorporate other operational elements into the same system (such as inventory, time billing, work flow, CRM, etc.)
  • The ability to easily customize reports
  • Data remains “Ever Valid” so updates will never affect existing databases
  • All updates are opt-in with regards to features, so you don’t have to change the look and feel if your happy with the way you have it
  • It’s possible to update and add on features, forms and procedures, so the system can grow and change as your company does
  • Supports multiple currencies in a GAAP compliant manner
  • Supports a comprehensive range of international business units, from the standard to the obscure
  • Robust “Swarm” technology uses multiple providers and ensures a robust system that is self healing, minimizing downtime
  • 2048 bit encryption and proprietary data format ensures robust security
  • Constant live updating of multiple back up copies in multiple locations ensures back-up safety

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