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– HA Advantage AdvantageTMS Review

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HA Advantage works with small and medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, and retail companies.

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HA Advantage AdvantageTMS

- HA Advantage AdvantageTMS HA AdvantageTMS helps you manage your carrier accounts so that you can find the most cost-effective shipping choices. You simply need to enter shipment details online to compare carrier costs and corresponding shipping times. Each displayed rate is guaranteed to be correct, and generating reports is easy.

About HA Advantage
HA Advantage was established to provide LTL shipping alternatives to costly 3PL options. The company uses a propriety tariff and web technologies to generate more revenue. HA Advantage’s money saving technologies include Margin Accelerator, Profit Defender, and an inbound supplier shipping platform.

AdvantageTMS Features

  • Free, scalable, web-based, and flexible TMS alternative to other costly TMS software
  • Enter shipment information to generate a quote list of carrier pricing and shipment times
  • Shipping quotes guaranteed to be correct
  • Customize user access
  • Easy access to shipping reports


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