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– HA Advantage AdvantageTrace Review

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HA Advantage works with small and medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, and retail companies.

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HA Advantage AdvantageTrace

- HA Advantage AdvantageTrace HA Advantage AdvantageTrace is a simple web-based shipment tracking tool that monitors your incoming and outgoing packages. Because this program displays all the tracking information you need on a single screen, you will no longer need to call carriers or visit their websites to see your shipments’ statuses, ultimately saving time. You can search for your shipments by date or by specifying a period of time. Additionally, you can create web portals for customers that display shipping information, as well as reports that detail shipping history.

About HA Advantage
HA Advantage was established to provide LTL shipping alternatives to costly 3PL options. The company uses a propriety tariff and web technologies to generate more revenue. HA Advantage’s money saving technologies include Margin Accelerator, Profit Defender, and an inbound supplier shipping platform.

AdvantageTrace Features

  • Track your shipments from a single easy-to-use web tool
  • Save time by eliminating the need to track shipments via website or phone
  • Search for shipments by date or by date range
  • Generate reports that show customer-specific shipping histories
  • Create web portals where customers can view the statuses of incoming packages
  • Inbound shipment tracking and notifications help improve your warehouses and distribution centers’ operations


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