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– HA Advantage AdvantageView Review

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HA Advantage works with small and medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale, and retail companies.

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HA Advantage AdvantageView

- HA Advantage AdvantageView HA Advantage AdvantageView is a freight bill audit and payment service that helps you pay and track all your transportation costs. This program reduces payment errors, gives you visibility into shipping operations, and provides easy access to all your bills. Additionally, using a 16 point pre-pay audit and match-pay system, AdvantageView eliminates the need for manual common review for freight bills, thereby saving hours of tedious labor. AdvantageView can easily integrate with your business rules and G/L coding so that you can start saving time and money immediately.

About HA Advantage
HA Advantage was established to provide LTL shipping alternatives to costly 3PL options. The company uses a propriety tariff and web technologies to generate more revenue. HA Advantage’s money saving technologies include Margin Accelerator, Profit Defender, and an inbound supplier shipping platform.

AdvantageView Features

  • Safeguards against freight billing errors, fees, and false charges
  • Tracks all freight payments and makes sure that you pay invoices only when they are due
  • 16 point pre-pay audit and match-pay system expedites expense payment and review process
  • Compatible with G/L coding and all business rules
  • Easy access to reports and summaries


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