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– Informatic Technologies OptiWizard Review

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Informatic Technologies works with glass manufacturing companies.

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About Informatic Technologies OptiWizard

- Informatic Technologies OptiWizard Informatic Technologies OptiWizard is an ERP solution for glass manufacturers and provides support in the areas of ordering, production, and delivery. For instance, you can manage your inventory stock, set production priorities, and print labels for your products. Additionally, this product optimizes glass layouts by cutting rods and sheets without generating a large amount of unusable wasted glass. Informatic Technologies offers software development, IT, and industry consultation alongside its products.

About Informatic Technologies
Established in 2000, Informatic Technologies has been developing software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company is headquartered in Australia.

OptiWizard Key Features

  • Glass manufacturer ERP
  • Production, ordering, inventory, and delivery functions
  • Glass layout system minimizes waste during the cutting process
  • Informatic Technologies offers IT and industry consultation on topics such as work flow management, production planning, Java, web, and more
  • Informatic Technologies can provide customized software solutions by adding additional features to OptiWizard

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